EMCO Remote Registry Merge - Overview
Remote Registry Merge
Compatible with Windows 7

Centralized Registry Keys Merge and Export on Remote PCs

A network utility for remote registry management. It allows you to have a direct read/write access to registry on remote PCs. Using this utility you can make centralized export/backup of registry keys or the whole registry to .reg files, and replicate registry changes simultaneously to multiple network PCs. You can execute registry export/import operations with remote PCs manually or put them into a schedule for automatic execution at defined date/time.
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 Latest version: 2.3

Windows registry is a central storage of the system and applications settings. Having a direct access to this information is important for every administrator. It can help to extract important system information inaccessible by any other way, and apply system tuning changes. With the registry editor you can manage registry settings only on the local PC or one remote computer. But it isn't effective if you need to read registry information or apply registry changes on multiple network computers.

EMCO Remote Registry Merge is a tool, that was designed to manage registry data remotely, on multiple PCs at once. Using it you can export required registry keys or a whole registry from remote PCs to .reg files, and apply registry updates remotely by importing data from .reg files. Such registry export/import operations can be executed on defined set of network PCs simultaneously.

Using this tool you can, for example, update ODBC settings, change default browser, or do any of thousands registry tricks with all your network PCs with just a single click.

EMCO Remote Registry Merge Advantages

The application was designed to work as the network application that helps you to manage registry on remote PC. It is optimized to work with large number of PCs at once and has a set of benefits, listed below.

Export/Merge Registry Settings Remotely

Application allows you to export registry data from remote PCs and import (merge) registry changes remotely. Exported data can be stored separately for every PC as a .reg file. You can export selected keys or entire registry. To update registry on remote PCs, you can run merge operation that applies content of specified .reg file to the registry.


Centralized Registry Management

Application provides you with ability to manage registry remotely across the local network from the central location. You can not only get information about registry settings and update them on network PCs remotely, but also execute registry operations on multiple PCs at once, for example, to apply registry changes to all PCs across the network.

Reusable Export/Merge Tasks

In order to execute export or merge operation you have to define a list of PCs where this operation will be executed, and operation options, such as set of registry keys to export or path to merged file. If you need to repeat operation multiple times, you can create a task with preconfigured options and then launch it with just one click.


Running Export/Merge Tasks on Schedule

Remote export and merge operations can be initiated manually or scheduled for an automatic execution. Application has advanced scheduler, that supports export and merge tasks, configured for one-time execution at a defined date/time, and for recurrent execution. You can manage scheduled tasks though intuitive visual interface.

Workgroups and Domains Support

Application can be used in complex enterprise network configuration. If you have domain, workgroup or even mixed environment, you can run registry export and merge operations successfully. In case of problems with access to registry on remote PCs you can rely on advanced log information, that can help you to troubleshoot network configuration issues.


Using Alternate Credentials

You can execute registry export and merge operation on multiple network PCs at once, even if they have different administrative credentials. Application provides an option to configure different credentials to access different groups and computers. You can use this feature to access PCs in both workgroups and domains.

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