Our Advantages

Enterprise networks grow every year and require more costs and resources for maintenance. Is there a way to reduce workload of IT departments while increasing networks stability and security? The following points explain why our products and solutions have gained strong positions on the market becoming an answer for tens of thousands of our customers.

Customer-Oriented Philosophy

The main principle of our work "be focused on customer needs" stays unchanged during many years because we are a customer-oriented company. Our customers and their businesses are the core value for us, and we do our best to provide them with highest quality products and services with no compromises and exceptions. We constantly look for new ways to improve our products and services based on real-world experience and feedback of our customers. To keep abreast with our customer needs and wishes, we use a special service that helps us communicate directly with all existing and potential customers and collect information about their experience with our products, their feedback and tips for improvement. We carefully analyze each and every opinion to make our products better and to find an optimal set of features required by companies and organizations of all sizes.

Commitment to Quality

We know for sure that our products used to manage overall network infrastructure are mission-critical tools for IT departments of our clients. There is no space for errors when the health of the entire network depends on one product. That's why the quality is our passion. At EMCO, quality cultivation starts from hiring the best engineers and managers and goes through detailed planning and accurate product development using proven technologies and state-of-art practices to post-production stages and customers support. To guarantee an excellent quality, all products undergo a detailed control in our test lab where they are thoroughly tested in different environments and under various conditions. Products are delivered to customers only after they have successfully passed all test procedures. After release, we continue testing our products for compatibility with all latest OS service packs and updates and release maintenance updates if required.

Mature, Award-Winning Products

Our product line consists of 35 tools and covers various areas of network administration automation, including remote network inventory, remote software deployment, remote desktop access and administration, network protection from viruses and malware, network security and health analyses, remote power management, and remote automation solutions. Since the release of our first products in 2001, we have constantly extended our product portfolio to automate new administration tasks while continuing work on existing products improvement. Most of our products passed multiple major releases and are proven by tens of thousands of our customers who have been using them for many years. Our products enjoy a high market ranking and have won over 100 technology awards for their simplicity, balanced feature set and good usability.

Scalable Solutions

Our solutions are suitable for companies and organizations of any sizes. Among our customers are large and small businesses representing all industries, educational and healthcare organizations, charity and non-profit organizations, and government institutions. Our products can automate network administration tasks and save significant effort and budget for any company and organization regardless of its size, number of PCs in the network and capacity of the IT department. To be suitable for companies of different sizes, our products have different licenses. The entry-level licenses allow managing up to 25 PCs in the network and are affordable for any small business. Large enterprises can choose special types of licenses with the ability to manage a unlimited number of PCs in one city or across the world. If required, any license can be easily upgraded to the next level in order to increase the number of management nodes. Thus, the deployed products can evolve as your business grows.

Easy Evaluating and Purchasing Process

We know that product evaluation is very important for our customers who would like to ensure that the product works well in their particular network environment, is convenient for day-to-day usage and ensures expected automation and reduction of efforts required to manage a network. That's why we made the evaluation process really easy. There are no any glitches and tricks with the evaluation - all products can be downloaded directly from our website with no registration required. The evaluation period lasts for 30 launches during which all features can be tried with no limits. After termination of the evaluation period, a product license is required to be able to further use the product. For convenience of the purchasing process, we offer different ordering options: online purchasing via Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check payments or purchasing by Purchase Order. Our products can also be acquired through a wide network of local resellers and distributors.

Free Technical Support

All technical support is free for all existing and potential customers. Anyone can contact support team using a special support area on the website to get qualified assistance. Our support is provided by a team of experienced technology and business experts so as to assure that you receive prompt and high-quality service from a real person on the other end of the phone or by email. Processing of every request is automated to eliminate any delays. Our guaranteed response time is one business day, but normally requests are processed within a few hours. Processing of all requests is thoroughly tracked and controlled by the management to continuously improve the quality of our service. Our support staff is qualified not only to resolve technical problems related to our products but also to analyze particular network environments and to give practical recommendations for day-to-day products usage, efforts optimization and application of other best practices.

Our Customers
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