EMCO Malware Destroyer - Screenshots

The screenshots below demonstrate the Look & Feel and the main features of the product. You can click on any screenshot to see its larger image.
Main Application Screen
On the main application screen you can select an option to scan a local PC or perform scanning of remote PC, located in the local network. When scan is activated, you can see its progress.
Virus Scan Results
After scan completion you can find summary on the Scanning Results tab. It shows a list of found malware and you can decide to clean-up computer and place malware to quarantine or delete.
Signatures Update
You can check for updates and update virus signatures on Signature Updates tab. Signatures are updated on a regular basis. You can see the list of signatures included into an update.
Application Settings
You can define application settings on the Settings dialog. There you can configure threats type you would like to search, scan targets, define behavior in case of malware detection, etc.