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Version 4.1 (February 24, 2009)

Installation to Current User or All Users

New options were added to MSI generation dialog. Now you can choose if generated MSI package will be installed to current user or to all users profiles. These options have influence on shortcuts, Start menu and other resources, that should be installed to users profiles.

Persistent MSI generation settings

All settings that you enter on MSI generation dialog, including Manufacturer, Version, Support and Summary Information are now persistent. It means that you need to enter them only first time during MSI generation. On the next generation they will be set to previously entered values.

Extended permanence options for file system resources

A set of permanence control options for file system resources was extended. Now you can choose Auto option to set permanence flag for resource according with configured permanence filters, or choose Manual option to set or remove permanence flag unconditionally.

Attributes configuration at files/folders creation

File and folder creation dialogs were improved to allow configuration of file system attributes (Read Only, Hidden, System and Compressed) when resource is added to the the installation.

Reduced MSI generation time

New MSI generation engine allows to significantly reduce a time, required for MSI generation. The overall MSI generation performance was improved on 10-20% depending on the complexity of installation project.

Improved Service configuration dialog

Service dialog was improved to split service configuration options and installation actions. Now service actions, located at bottom, are always visible regardless what configuration tab is active.

Resolved issues

This release resolves a number of issues, the most important of which are listed below:

  • Wrong installation behavior if registry string value has tabulation characters
  • Application freeze on validation sometimes when file resources are created
  • Monitoring option of the Program Capabilities Wizard doesn't allow to work with complex installations
  • Potential Access Violation at application closing
  • Potential Access Violation at project closing
  • Potential Access Violation at installation deleting
Product Facts

Did you know that MSI Package Builder uses innovation technology that allows capturing installation data on the fly?

Did you know that 'Live Monitoring' technology has an extremely capture performance because based on Kernel Mode Drivers instead of comparing huge volumes of data?

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