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Version 7.0.2 (January 29, 2018)

Resolved issues

This release resolves a number of issues, the most important of which are listed below:

  • Inappropriate prompt for restarting the underlying operating system is displayed before the wrapped packages installation is complete
  • Possible errors when installing specific wrapped packages with large files
  • Incorrect handling of custom actions during MSI packages deployment in specific circumstances that may lead to errors

Version 7.0.1 (November 15, 2017)

Resolved issues

This release resolves a number of issues, the most important of which are listed below:

  • The MSI generation fails in specific cases when repackaging installations with a large number of files
  • The overridden support information is used when generating MSI packages when overriding is not enabled in the installation project

Version 7.0 (November 2, 2017)

App-V packages generation by the new Architect edition

The new Architect edition, in addition to installation repackaging and MSI generation features, allows you to create Microsoft App-V packages. Using this edition, you can repackage installations into MSI and App-V packages depending on your needs.

Configuring permissions for resources

Now you can open properties of the installation resources, including files, folders, registry keys, etc., and specify permissions to be set for those resources when the generated package is deployed. The program automatically tracks permission changes applied by a repackaged installation and sets corresponding permissions in the project, but now you can also see and modify those permissions in the visual editor, if required, or add custom permissions.

Monitoring of pin/unpin settings in Windows Task and Start Menu

The monitoring technology can now detect pinning applications to or unpinning them from the Windows Task Bar or the Start Menu and create corresponding custom actions in the installation project. Those actions can also be modified and created manually in the visual editor.

Monitoring of Software Assets Management licenses

Both the Enterprise and Architect editions of the program allow capturing Software Assets Management (SAM) licenses during repackaging. This feature is required to repackage licensed software that stores licenses in the SAM store. SAM licenses are captured during repackaging automatically and can also be added and modified manually in the visual editor.

New and improved features

The below features have been introduced for the first time or significantly improved in this release:

  • Significantly improved monitoring accuracy, including shortcuts monitoring, short file names support, driver installation, etc.
  • Added an option to specify the required execution context for pre & post actions and wrapped packages, which allows to suppress unnecessary UAC prompts
  • Files exceeding 2 GB can now be included into generated deployment packages
  • Different project types are now used to generate regular deployment packages and those using wrapping options
  • Additional files for wrapped packages are now displayed in a tree structure
Product Facts

Did you know that MSI Package Builder uses innovation technology that allows capturing installation data on the fly?

Did you know that 'Live Monitoring' technology has an extremely capture performance because based on Kernel Mode Drivers instead of comparing huge volumes of data?

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