EMCO Network File Search - Overview
Network File Search

EMCO Network File Search - Fast File Searching Utility for Windows Networks

This utility can help you to search Windows PCs connected to a local network for files that meet specified criteria. You can search for files with specific names or extensions that are stored on remote PCs in order to detect dangerous files or files that violate copyright or compliance regulations. Search results from all PCs are represented in a single view, which allows you to export search data, and copy, move or delete found files, as well as check them for viruses.
Latest version: 1.1.5    

The main goal of EMCO Network File Search is to help you search for files stored on remote PCs in a local network. The application provides you with features similar to what the local file search function offers: you can find all files in a selected folder or find files by name, extension and file mask. The only difference is that you have to specify a search scope by selecting one or multiple remote PCs that should be scanned.

In a corporate network, you can use EMCO Network File Search for troubleshooting and software compliancy audit. For example, you can scan all PCs in a local network to find all music and movie files stored by users that violate company policies. Search operations are executed on multiple remote PCs in parallel, which saves time required to generate a search report.

To search files on network PCs, you don't need to install any software to remote computers, you only need to configure the application to use an account with network administrative permissions so as to be able to connect to remote PCs and scan files remotely.

EMCO Network File Search Features

The application is designed to allow searching for files located on remote PCs. The application features enable you to define the scope and conditions of network file search, to execute network search operations and to browse the search results.

Remote Files Search

The application allows you to search for files on remote Windows PCs connected to a local network. You can search one or multiple PCs for files that have a specified name, extension or location. You can use the standard wildcard symbols to specify the search conditions. For multiple PCs selected for search, all operations are executed in parallel to optimize the performance.


Found Files Management

Files that meet the specified search criteria are displayed by the application in a separate view. By default, they are grouped by PCs where they are stored, but you can regroup them by other conditions as needed. The found files can be managed remotely; for example, you can delete, move, rename or copy those files, and check them for viruses using the VirusTotal online service.

Extracting File Properties

By default, the application reports basic information about the found files that includes the file path and the name of the computer where the file is stored. If you need the search report to contain more information, you can configure the application to also detect the file size, the creation time, the last modification time and the file attributes. Also, you can see file properties for every found file.


Exporting Search Reports

File search results are displayed by the application in a separate view that can be used to browse and manage the found files. You can apply various data sorting and grouping conditions to narrow the search results and quickly find files that are of interest to you. The search results displayed on the screen can be exported to a file. Export to the HTML, XML and Excel formats is supported.

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