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Version 5.0 (October 10, 2007)

Windows Vista support

This version provides complete support of Windows Vista - you are able run Network Inventory under Vista or scan remote computers working under Vista. We are among pioneers in offering support for Windows Vista in network tools.

Extended Product ID list

List of Product IDs, extracted from remote computer was extended. Now it includes also Microsoft Office Product ID and Internet Explorer Product ID.

Enumeration Wizard

New Enumeration Wizard simplifies network scan and update operations, especially for new users, who are not familiar with Network Inventory. In order to launch wizard you should switch Network Inventory to wizard enumeration mode by clicking on correspondent toggle button in the toolbar. When wizard enumeration mode is activated, enumerate, fetch and update buttons are replaced by the one 'Enumerate via Wizard' button, which will guide you through each required step to get up-to-date inventory information.

Network protocols detection

Now Network Inventory is able to detect network protocols, which are used by remote computers and display this information in the special group of the inventory tree.

Report filters

Report filter feature allows you to create customized reports, which include only information that meets defined conditions. In order to create such reports select Reports > Machines Containing... item of the main menu. It will open the dialog, where you can define different conditions for data collected from remote computers. Generated report will include filtered data according to defined conditions.

Product Facts

Did you know that Network Inventory does not need any client software installed on your computers for successfull auditing?

Did you know that Network Inventory allows you to create your own reports by using built-in Report Builder?

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