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Version 5.2.5 (March 27, 2008)

Professional and Enterprise editions

Network Inventory was split on two editions with different functionality and price. If you don't need full range of features you can select edition with less functionality and save costs.

Professional edition should be selected if you need basic inventory features - fast and detailed scan of all nodes on your network to collect different information about different machines.

Enterprise edition should be selected if you need extended functionality, such as custom reports with SQL support, installed application management and additional scan operations.

64-bit Windows versions support

A list of supported operation systems was supplemented by 64-bit platforms like Windows Vista x64 and Windows 2003 x64. Network Inventory was improved to work under these platforms.

User Account Control (UAC) support on Vista

You don't need to launch Network Inventory using 'Run as Administrator' command under Vista now, because it is automatically executed with administrative permissions. If you are not computer administrator, you will be prompted to enter administrative credentials.

Windows Vista and XP Look&Feel

User interface now has a same style as operation system, so it looks differently depending on operation system where application is executed. On Windows XP all controls have XP style, on Vista - Vista style accordingly.

Polished reports

Reports layout, data representation and fields alignment was improved. New reports look nicely and professionally.

Polished UI

Recent UI improvements were aimed at interface polishing and usability and include following:

  • New icons in the Machines tree. Now all nodes in this tree have icons
  • Controls alignment. Dialogs and forms were polished, controls were aligned
  • Dialog captions. Now dialogs contain captions, which describe dialog purpose and data input

Feature improvements

A set of functionality was significantly reworked and improved in order to increase performance and stability. This improved functionality includes following features:

  • Machine tree
  • Alternate credentials
  • Export operation
  • Reports generation
  • Enumeration wizard
  • Progress bars
  • Shares scanning
  • Custom scan criteria
  • Installed applications detection
  • Computers scanning
  • OS description, hard drive and running processes extraction

Resolved issues

This release resolves a number of issues, the most important of which are listed below:

  • Fatal error after few scans in a row
  • Application close under non-administrative account
  • Access violation after machine deletion from the machine queue
  • Trial form progress bar works incorrectly on Vista
  • Antivirus warning appears at the program startup
  • Error in the feature 'Auto report to file'
  • Incorrect work of the Enumeration wizard
Product Facts

Did you know that Network Inventory does not need any client software installed on your computers for successfull auditing?

Did you know that Network Inventory allows you to create your own reports by using built-in Report Builder?

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