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Version 5.3 (November 10, 2008)

Starter edition available

The Network Inventory family was supplemented by a Starter edition. This edition is based on functionality of the Remote Audit product that was merged with the Network Inventory. The main purpose of the Starter edition is providing basic inventory and audit features, suitable for high-level asset management.

New look of the PC summary view

PC summary was reworked to highlight most important information. The information is grouped by the Software, Hardware and System categories, so you can quickly review PC's asset and easily find required data. A toolbar available on the view simplifies access to most frequent actions.

Improved report

Report was reworked to show information by the same way as it's represented on PC summary view. Information was regrouped and reordered to improve readability and save occupied space. One of the main benefits in the new report is using colors and icons to improve visual data representation.

Extended scan operations options

Scan operations used to search on remote PC's file system and registry were extended to allow using multiple conditions at once. Also scan tasks and scan results views have a new look.

Report Builder help and demo

Network Inventory installation now includes a help file and demonstration material for Report Builder. It will help you to create your own customized reports.

Defining options on Preferences dialog

Application options configuration was moved from the Settings tab to the Preferences dialog available from the main menu File > Preferences. This dialog allows you to define scanning and auto-processing conditions.

Report customization

The Machine Data report can be customized by adding your company name and logo to it. Also you can change a title, author, description and additional information displayed on the first page. Correspondent information can be defined on the Report tab of the Preferences dialog and used for report generation.

Resolved issues

This release resolves a number of issues, the most important of which are listed below:

  • Scan operation results are deleted when PC is removed from the network tree
  • Overlapped Running Processes and Network Protocols in the report
  • Failed database export to Excel
  • Duplicated installed application entries
  • Potential access violation when export or report actions are executed for the network tree
  • Skipped first password character in the alternative credentials
  • Incorrect fileds saving in the Read Only editor
Product Facts

Did you know that Network Inventory does not need any client software installed on your computers for successfull auditing?

Did you know that Network Inventory allows you to create your own reports by using built-in Report Builder?

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