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Version 5.5.3 (June 3, 2009)

Skip Admin Assurance option

A new option Skip Admin Assurance was added to scan settings section of application preferences. This option allows to control of remote scan operation behavior. When this option is disabled, application checks if used credentials have administrative access to remote PCs and execute an inventory scan only in this case. When option is enabled, this check is skipped to make possible retrieving of a part of inventory information without having an administrative access.

Inventory process improvements

The changed of both data collecting and file system scan processes are made to increase performance of the inventory process as much as possible for your network. Also some improvements were made to registry scan operations that also affects overall scanning performance in a positive way.

Processor usage is significantly decreased

Thanks to reworking scanning core module by optimizing existing and adding new more efficient algorithms of data collecting and storing the scan process became more friendly to your environment, because the processor usage has been significantly decreased. That makes it possible for you to fell even more freedom of working with your computer while the inventory takes place.

Resolved issues

This release resolves a number of issues, the most important of which are listed below:

  • The problem of strong performance decrease in specific environments is fixed
  • Some diagnostic events were not written properly to application log
  • Errors happen during file system scan if drive is used as root search condition

Version 5.5 (April 8, 2009)

Scan engine with hyper-threading technology

Remote PC scan engine was replaced by a new version with a special hyper-threading technology to eliminate latency and increase a scan speed. According with benchmark tests, new engine allows reducing the overall inventory collecting time in small networks on 15-20%, in large networks - up to 40%. New hyper-threading technology is used to increase performance of all remote operations, including inventory information extraction, remote file system and registry scanning.

Improved file system and registry scan operations

In this version, all file system scan operations are represented as scan tasks under one single node File System Scan in the Scan Operations section. Registry operations were regrouped as well and can be found under Registry Scan node. New scan options allow disabling detection of product name and version for files and also enabling recursive registry keys scan. Now remote operations use improved remote connection mechanism that helps to significantly improve scan performance.

New scan results look

File system and registry scan results have a new, improved look that has a few advantages. First, scan results are separated from the log information, so it's easy to navigate through results and check for errors. Second, scan status is displayed for each entry by a special icon, color and tooltip. Third, a special View switch at the top allows scan results grouping by criteria or PC to simplify results analyzing.

Optimized data forms

All application forms that are used to display a large amount of data, were optimized to reduce time required to open a form and render data. As a result, now Installed Apps, Fonts, Scan Results and other forms, can be opened within a few seconds even if they contain hundreds of thousands rows.

Export settings to configure stubs

On PCs that don't allow remote connection, inventory information can be collected locally by execution of so-called stubs and then imported to the central database. Stubs collect inventory information according with configuration specified in a special settings file. In this version, settings file can be generated automatically by using Export Stub Options dialog available through Export button on the Settings tab.

Resolved issues

This release resolves a number of issues, the most important of which are listed below:

  • Inventory information collection through stubs
  • Wrong resolution detection for wide-screen monitors
  • Unclear error in the log if information about network printers can't be extracted
  • HTTP password encryption in Live Update connection settings
  • Scan operation cancellation causes an error
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Did you know that Network Inventory does not need any client software installed on your computers for successfull auditing?

Did you know that Network Inventory allows you to create your own reports by using built-in Report Builder?

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