EMCO Network Malware Cleaner - What's New in Version 6.0

Below you can find a list of the latest product releases. Click on the release version to see what new features, improvements and bug-fixes appeared in a particular release.
 Release: 6.3 | 6.1 | 6.0
Please note that the list of versions only contains the versions defined as major updates. Changes from minor and bug-fix releases are represented here as changes to the corresponding major update versions that include those changes.

Version 6.0.30 (April 10, 2015)

New UI and data representation

The application has a new UI, that simplifies network scanning and reviewing of scan results.

New and improved features

The below features have been introduced for the first time or significantly improved in this release:

  • Added detection of applications installed on remote hosts and automatic scanning of detected software
  • Added scanning of 32-bit data locations on remote x64 platforms
  • Added scanning of auto-startup programs on remote PCs, configured in registry and located in system startup folders
  • Improved remote scanning performance using the brand-new hyper-threading technology
  • Improved detection of security products installed on remote PCs
  • Improved suspicious threats engine to detect more malware items
  • Improved GUI and data representation
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