News Archive: 2006

Here are the most important products and releases announcements, special offers and company events we had published in 2008. Browse down to find required news or go to the Latest Company News page in order to get the fresh news update.

MSI Package Builder has been updated

December 20, 2006

The EMCO MSI Package Builder feature page has been updated with download links to program files and two new interactive demos were added.

Learn more: EMCO MSI Package Builder

Remote Deployment Kit 2.x is released

December 16, 2006

EMCO Remote Deployment Kit 2.x has been released. With EMCO Remote Deployment Kit you can Install or Uninstall Applications Silently and Remotely, if the application is already installed on your local computer and on the supported list the EMCO RDK. The program can read all the needed information with a push of a button to build a kit which is ready for deploying within seconds.

New reseller joins Emco's network of resellers

December 11, 2006

Emco Software announces that a new reseller has been added into our global network of resellers. Emco proudly introduces Procne Srl from Italy as our latest reseller.

Learn more: Procne Srl

New version of MSI Package Builder is released

December 2, 2006

A new version of EMCO MSI Package Builder has been released with major monitor drivers improvements. EMCO MSI Package Builder is a useful tool for system administrators, it is not based on taking snapshots before and after an installation.

The unique feature of this application is the capability to monitor and capture all file system and registry modifications, in real time, during a normal installation/setup on a local machine and using this information to create a new MSI package immediately after the monitoring is completed, so this gives you considerable save of time.

Learn more: EMCO MSI Package Builder

Permissions Audit XML is released

November 8, 2006

Emco Software announces the release of our latest program; EMCO Permissions Audit XML.

New and improved EMCO Permissions Audit XML addition now comes up in a completely different look that makes it a more effective part of a network administrator's toolkit.

One of the tasks form a network administrator's to-do list is to keep an eye on the permissions for network shares and folders not only this but also to set them such that only authorized users have access to sensitive data; and for a large scale networks, it's not quiet an easy task.