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Here are the most important products and releases announcements, special offers and company events we had published in 2008. Browse down to find required news or go to the Latest Company News page in order to get the fresh news update.

MSI Package Builder 4.5.3 is released

December 26, 2012

The new version of MSI Package Builder includes the features that allow repackaging of Java-based installations. This version features the improved stability of MSI packages generation and includes a number of bug fixes.

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New major version release of Remote Installer is available

November 28, 2012

We are glad to introduce the new version of Remote Installer that includes a number of important new features and improvements. The application offers modern Ribbon-based interface that provides access to the new features of software audit and software deployment.

The application allows auditing software installed on remote PCs and displaying the aggregated summary for selected PCs. The new version allows installing and uninstall MSI packages and MST files, performing pre and post-install actions. It's possible to deploy software on a dynamic group of PCs defined by a query and perform the deployment operation on a schedule.

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Brand-new EMCO Network Software Scanner is released

August 1, 2012

We've released the new EMCO Network Software Scanner 1.1. The new release of this freeware tool includes new features that can help you to audit software installed across a network. In the new version you can find an integrated inventory report generated for multiple PCs. You can use it, for example, in order to see all applications installed on all PCs across a network. For every application you can see a list of PCs where it is installed. You can export software inventory data to a CSV file in order to generate custom reports, if required. Also the new version introduces new views to work with inventory snapshots and audit snapshots history.

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Maintenance update for MSI Package Builder is available

May 4, 2012

We've released the new maintenance release for MSI Package Builder in order to resolve few problems that were reported by our customers. In particular, the new release resolves the problem with the MSI package installation progress, that is not displayed on PCs running Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 when MSI packages are installed manually. Also the new version includes few fixes for the application UI.

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8 products become compatible with Windows 8 and .NET Framework 4.5

April 23, 2012

New maintenance releases available for 8 commercial and freeware products introduce compatibility with Windows 8 platform. Updated products can run on computers where Windows 8 x86 or Windows 8 x64 is installed. Network products can interact with computers running Windows 8. New updates also provide compatibility with .NET Framework 4.5 recently announced by Microsoft.

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The major version update for Remote Shutdown software is available

April 19, 2012

The brand-new Remote Shutdown version 5 include several new features that are aimed to simplify the application's usage in an enterprise network environment. The new version consists of the client and server modules installed on the same computer. The server module works as a Windows service that is responsible for tasks execution. The client module is a UI application that is used for tasks configuration and results reviewing. As a result you don't need to keep the application running all the time to execute scheduled tasks. All tasks are executed automatically by a server module working as a service on background.

The new version also allows multiple users working with the application to use the same database that stores remote tasks, task execution results and other information. In this configuration one user can create remote tasks and other users can edit them if required and preview execution results.

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WakeOnLan and Ping Monitor products become compatible with .NET Framework 4.0

March 23, 2012

The new maintenance releases of WakeOnLan and Ping Monitor products are now compatible with .NET Framework 4.0. You can run the applications on PCs where .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or later is installed, including configuration that have only .NET Framework 4.0 installed. The new releases of the applications also include small log and UI layout improvements.

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Options to manage multiple resources are introduced in the MoveOnBoot 2.2.8 release

February 27, 2012

The new release of MoveOnBoot includes options for moving, renaming and deleting multiple resources at once. The resource picker dialog has been improved to allow selecting multiple resources at once, so it isn't required to select resources one-by-one anymore. Paths to managed resources can now include wildcard symbols in order to refer to multiple resources. Also the new release of the application includes logging improvements and a special check to detect if a destination folder of the move operation does exist in order to show the warning message otherwise.

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Ping Monitor 4.7 introduces repeated notifications and custom sound notifications

February 24, 2012

Using repeated notifications introduced in Ping Monitor 4.7 you can receive e-mail, balloon and sound notifications regularly until the problem will not be resolved. For example, you can configure the application to send notifications when the connection to the monitored host is lost. The notification configuration dialog has been reworked to allow configuring a number of times the notification should be repeated for the selected event and a time interval between repetitions. If you like, you can configure an infinite number of repetitions to get notifications until the host connection status will be changed. The new version of Ping Monitor also allows configuring custom sounds to be used for sound notifications and includes other improvements and bug fixes.

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MSI Package Builder 4.5 offers MSI packages generation for x86 and x64 platforms

February 2, 2012

The new maintenance release is available for MSI Package Builder. It introduces a new option that allows a target platform selection for the generated MSI package. In the earlier versions of the application an MSI package was automatically generated for the same platform on which MSI generation was performed. Now it is possible to select either x86 or x64 platform as a target platform for the generated MSI package. The new release of MSI Package Builder also includes improved custom actions features. They allow to execute multiple pre and post installation and uninstallation actions, execute actions with parameters and define how to handle errors that may happen during execution of custom installation actions.

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