News Archive: 2013

Here are the most important products and releases announcements, special offers and company events we had published in 2008. Browse down to find required news or go to the Latest Company News page in order to get the fresh news update.

UnLock IT supports Windows 8.1

October 21, 2013

We've released version 3.0.4 that is compatible with Windows 8.1. This version allows you to check locked resources and unlock them on all Windows server and desktop platforms from Windows XP to the recently released Windows 8.1.

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Ping Monitor becomes compatible with Windows 8.1

October 16, 2013

The new Ping Monitor 4.7.17 becomes compatible with recently released Windows 8.1 and .NET Framework 4.5.1. The new version of the application resolves the problem with hanging on auto-update in some environments.

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MSI Package Builder allows generating MSI packages for Windows 8

July 23, 2013

The new MSI Package Builder 4.5.6 allows you to generate MSI packages for the latest platforms, including Windows 8. You can select the supported Windows versions during MSI generation. If the generated MSI package will be deployed on a platform different from the selected during the generation, this MSI will not be installed. Also the new version of MSI Package Builder significantly increases performance of file and registry import operations and also includes a few bug fixes.

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Management of multiple remote hosts is introduced in the new Remote Installer Free edition

May 22, 2013

Remote Installer 4.1.5 is available with a number of important improvements. First of all, the Free edition of the application now allows management multiple hosts in the scope of a remote operation. You can install and uninstall software on up to 5 remote PCs using the Free edition. Also version 4.1.5 introduces menu changes to improve usability and includes a number of bug fixes.

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Ping Monitor 4.7.15 is available

May 14, 2013

We've significantly reduced system memory usage in the latest version of Ping Monitor, so now it's capable to track hosts more effectively. Also the new version includes the new Office 2013 look and feel. Version 4.7.15 includes a number of bug fixes to resolve the problems with e-mail notifications.

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Remote Installer offers silent deployment of EXE packages

March 28, 2013

Remote Installer 4.1 extends the set of supported installation packages. In addition to MSI and MSP packages now you can use the application to install EXE packages that support silent deployment. To deploy EXE packages you have to specify silent install command-line keys or a scenario file that activates silent deployment. Installation of EXE packages works on the same way as MSI and MSP installation. The new version of application includes the new Quick Install option and a number of other bug fixes and improvements.

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