Connectivity Events

Ping Monitor stores host state and connection quality events so you can easily review the changes for each and every host. Storing all events over a lengthy period of time can significantly increase the size of the program database and decrease the program performance. To avoid performance issues, it is recommended to optimize the program database by deleting the events that are no longer needed. The program comes with a built-in option to automatically remove the events based on their age.

To configure the conditions for automatic removal, open the program preferences using the Preferences button from the Application Menu and click the Connectivity Events link in the navigation bar on the left of the Preferences dialog within the Events and Statistics group Pic 1.

Configuring automatic events removal

Pic 1. Configuring automatic events removal

You can choose the condition to trigger automatic removal of the events within the Auto Remove Options group. It is possible to remove the events that are older than one day, one week, one month, one year, or instruct Ping Monitor not to remove the events automatically. In any case, you can always remove the events manually from the Connectivity Events view.