Connectivity Events Page

The Connectivity Events page is used to display the host state and connection quality events for all monitored hosts Pic 1. Those events grouped by hosts are also available within the Events tab of the host statistics details.

The Connectivity Events view

Pic 1. The Connectivity Events view

The connectivity events are displayed in a form of a table where each row represents a single event for a specific host. As there may be many events, they are split to pages. You can switch between host state and connection quality events using the State and Quality buttons on the page toolbar. The table consists of the Type column, displaying the event type, the Host column, representing the host, the Description column, standing for the event description, and the Time column for the event trigger time.

Toolbar Overview



The State button from the Connectivity Events page toolbar switches the page to the mode when host state events are displayed.



The Quality button from the Connectivity Events page toolbar switches the page to the mode when connection quality events are displayed.

The connectivity events are selected only for the specified period. The display range for connectivity events is by default set to the 7 Days value and can be changed with the period combo on the page header. You can choose between the predefined ranges or provide a custom one.

You can configure the Connectivity Events page to show information only for specific hosts and/or groups using the filter editor that is reached using the Filter button next to the navigation menu in the left top corner of the page. Using the filter editor, you can also filter the page by event type. The refresh interval is configured within the Advanced Options drop-down button from the right top corner.