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Custom Actions Page

Ping Monitor enables you to specify Custom Actions for host connectivity events. You can specify an action for the On First Connection, On First Connection Failure, On Connection Loss and On Connection Restore events. It is also possible to indicate if the actions should be executed only during the definite time period.


With Ping Monitor, you can use the placeholders for the Custom Actions definitions similarly to the connection status notifications, e.g. ConnectionLoss.cmd "%REMOTE_HOST_ADDRESS%" for connection loss. Do not forget to quote the placeholders that contain white spaces.

The actions configuration is set up on the Custom Actions preference page Pic 1. To access the Custom Actions preference page, press the Preferences button from the Application Menu and select the Custom Actions link in the navigation bar on the left in the dialog that opens.

Setting up the actions configuration

Pic 1. Setting up the actions configuration

As the action definition, you can specify any executable file or a command line script to be executed when the event takes place, along with providing the command line parameters to this executable. You can browse to the executable location using the ellipses button on the right of the path input field.

As the monitoring process is run as a Windows service, the custom actions are by default executed from the account the service is logged on as (Local System by default). You can change this behavior by choosing an appropriate option in the Run As drop-down list. It is possible to choose between the following options: Ping Monitor Professional server, Currently Logged On User and Logged on user, if any, otherwise Ping Monitor Professional server.

The On First Connection event occurs when the host is successfully pinged the very first time after the monitoring process is activated. If no connection to the host is established shortly after the monitoring process is started, this event is considered to take place as soon as the host goes on-line. The connection establishment event handling is enabled by checking the On First Connection checkbox.

The On First Connection Failure event occurs when a connection the host fails immediately after the monitoring process is activated. The handling of such an event is enabled by checking the On First Connection Failure checkbox.

Another event you can add a handler for is the On Connection Loss event. It is considered to take place when the outage condition is met for the host in case a connection to this host had been established earlier.

To enable an action on Connection Loss, you should check the On Connection Loss checkbox with a corresponding action definition.

The last event available for handling is On Connection Restore. This event is considered to occur upon the first successful ping to the host connection to which was lost. The On Connection Restore event handling is enabled by checking the On Connection Restore checkbox.

For each custom action, it is possible to define a timeout, in minutes, i.e. the waiting period before the action is executed. If the connection status is changed during such waiting period, the action is not executed.

If you want the defined actions to execute only during a specific period of time, enable the Run actions only from/till option and specify the time period. You can also define the actions' behavior during a certain interval: it is possible to choose between skipping the actions for the events that occur outside such interval and delaying the actions' execution until the defined time period begins.


Please note that it is possible to show the number of times each custom action has been initiated for every host in the Table View of the Monitored Hosts area. The appropriate columns are available from the column chooser and are named On First Connection, On First Connection Failure, On Connection Loss and On Connection Restore respectively.

Now, you are fully introduced to the option of executing custom actions upon specific events provided by Ping Monitor and can use this feature to solve any kind of problem you may face in your everyday work.

With EMCO Ping Monitor Professional, it is possible not only to set a common Custom Actions configuration, but also to provide a specific configuration for each host individually. See the Overriding Common Settings part of this document for details.