Gateway Options Page

Ping Monitor can check that either a remote host has gone offline or the PC hosting the monitoring software has lost connection to the network the host is located in by pinging a specific gateway. This feature is provided to protect the user from a false-positive detection of outages. In case the gateway is unreachable, the host is not considered offline until it is confirmed by a successful ping to the gateway.

The gateway configuration is set up on the Gateway Options preference page Pic 1. To access the Gateway Options preference page, press the Preferences button from the Application Menu and select the Gateway Options link in the navigation bar on the left in the dialog that opens.

Setting up the gateway options

Pic 1. Setting up the gateway options

If you want to enable the failed pings confirmation by checking a specific gateway for accessibility, you should check the Check gateway connectivity to confirm ping failures option and provide the address of the gateway to ping to the Gateway IP field. The size of the packet to sent to the gateway, the ping operation timeout and the time-to-live for the ping packet can be specified in the appropriate fields, if required. As soon as this check is enabled, a ping to a remote host will be treated as failed only if the gateway is reachable.