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Monitoring Statistics Page

Ping Monitor gathered and stores per host performance and availability data while monitoring remote hosts connectivity. This data consists of the live data, historical data and overall data. The interval for storing and displaying live data as well as the historical data storing options are available on the Monitoring Statistics preference page Pic 1. To reach this page, you should open the program preferences using the Preferences button from the Application Menu, and click the Monitoring Statistics link in the navigation bar on the left of the Preferences dialog within the Monitoring group.

Configuring live and historical monitoring data options

Pic 1. Configuring live and historical monitoring data options

For the live data, you can choose the time interval to be used for storing and displaying the response time characteristics progression and connection status changes progression online. The value should be provided in minutes to the Interval fields of the Live Data group.

The Historical Data group contains the options for historical data storing and automatic deletion. If you do not want to store the historical data at all, you can disable the Store the historical statistics data option. Please take into account, that as long as this options is disabled, it is not possible to review historical data and generate statistical reports for future monitoring sessions.

The options for historical data auto remove, allow you to prevent the monitoring data database from continuous growing. You can enable the automatic removal of the historical data that is older than a specific age within the Auto delete drop-down list.