Notifications Page

Another useful feature of Ping Monitor is its ability to send e-mail notifications to any e-mail address, play specific sounds and show balloon tips when certain events occur. This feature's behavior can be configured on the Notifications preference page Pic 1, and the messages are sent using the specified E-mail Options. The e-mail message subject and body used for building notification messages are configured on the Mail Templates preferences page, and the placeholders that can be used in the templates are described in the Using Placeholders part of this guide. The sounds to be played can be configured on the Sounds Configuration preference page.

Configuring notifications

Pic 1. Configuring notifications

To access the notifications configuration, click the Preferences button from the Application Menu and select the Notifications link in the navigation bar on the left in the Preferences dialog. On the page that opens, you can check the events you want to send notification messages, show balloon tips and play sounds for. It is possible to specify the number of iterations and interval between iterations for connection status notifications, so you can choose to loop the notification for a specific number of times or until the connection status changes again.

Balloon tips are displayed and sounds are played to notify of each client connected to the server. When disabling such notifications, you disable them only for the client you use at the moment.

With EMCO Ping Monitor Enterprise, it is possible not only to set a common Notifications configuration, but also to provide a specific configuration for each host individually. See the Overriding Common Settings part of this document for details.