Sound Configuration Page

Ping Monitor comes with an option of sound notification alerts in case of certain events. These notifications can be enabled on the Notifications preference page. The sounds played as notification alerts should be chosen on the Sounds Configuration page Pic 1. To access the Sounds Configuration preference page, press the Preferences button from the Application Menu and select the Sounds Configuration link in the navigation bar on the left in the opened dialog.

Choosing sounds to be played in case of certain events

Pic 1. Choosing sounds to be played in case of certain events

You can choose the sound to be played for the On First Connection, On First Connection Failure, On Connection Loss, On Connection Restore and On Terminate Actions events respectively. Each sound can be previewed using the play button on the right in the sound chooser. You can choose between the predefined system sounds or provide a custom sound. To provide a custom sound, press the ... button on the right of the editor and pick the wave file in PMC format in the opened dialog.

If the custom sound you have chosen cannot be played during the monitoring process, e. g. it is not reachable, the default message beep sound is played instead.