Web Reports

EMCO Ping Monitor Enterprise comes with an option of deploying an IIS web site together with the server application to provide web access to historical data gathered for monitored hosts. This site is installed by default when performing a complete server installation.

Web Reports

Web Reports

The Web Reports button from the Reporting group on the Home Ribbon page and from the Reports group on the Reporting page from the Reporting Tools category can be used to open the EMCO Ping Monitor Enterprise program web site in the default browser to let you review statistics.

On the web site home page, you can see summary statistics either for all hosts or for specific ones Pic 1. By default, the summary statistics for the requested period is displayed for all hosts, split into pages. You can narrow the hosts range using the filter on the left of the home page.

The summary statistics for specific hosts

Pic 1. The summary statistics for specific hosts

On the summary page, you can expand each host row a more detailed and intuitive representation of the summary statistics. Clicking on the Details hyper link in a host row results in opening detailed host statistics Pic 2.

The detailed host statistics on the web site

Pic 2. The detailed host statistics on the web site

Within the detailed statistics, you can find all information available in the historical data for the specified period.

The report period and the report time zone are selected at the top of the page for both summary and detailed report pages.