Licensing EMCO Products

Before purchasing any product please make sue you have the latest version of that product. If you don't have the latest version you can download it from the download page of EMCO products download page. To check the version of your product please execute your selected application and click 'About' menu item from the 'Help' menu.

You can also use 'Check for Updates' menu item under 'Live Update' Menu to get information about the current version of your selected application, as well as you can also check if any new updates are available or not.

If you don't have the latest version of your product you can download it online from the download page of our website at

After finishing with the purchase process of your selected program. You will shortly receive an email from EMCO Software containing the license key for the program based on your selection during the purchase process. This email will also guide you through the steps to activate your product.

Product activation

Depending on a product there are two types of activation: by the the License key. To activate your product perform the following steps:

License key:

  1. Get the license key from the email.
  2. Register the product by clicking 'Enter License Code' menu item under 'Help' menu and enter the license key you have received in the opened window.
  3. Finish the registration by clicking OK. After performing these operations the application is restarted automatically and the new license key is applied.

You are done! Now you have registered full featured and activated version of your product.

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