E-mail Options Page

Remote Installer can send notification e-mails only after your mailbox settings have been configured properly. To perform the mailbox configuration click the Preferences button from the Application Menu and select the E-mail Options link in the navigation bar on the left in the Preferences dialog within the Installer group.

Configuring a mailbox

Pic 1. Configuring a mailbox

You should specify the mail server host, the encryption type the port to be used for connection to the mail server, the e-mail address to send e-mail messages from, the e-mail message format and the credentials to be used to access the mail server. NTLM authentication can be used (i.e. connection to the mail server is established using the credentials of the currently logged on user) by enabling the Use NTLM authentication option. The Mail Server (SMPT) value can be provided both as an IP address and as a host name Pic 1.

Remote Installer supports mail servers that run using SMTP. A mail server configuration may be quite complex. Contact your system administrator to get proper configuration details to be used for accessing your mailbox.

You can send a test e-mail to check the settings provided using an appropriate hyperlink. In the next section, it is described how the settings test works and how you can tell if the e-mail options are configured properly.

How does the test work?

After you have configured the e-mail options you can send a test e-mail to check the mail server settings. A test message is generated and sent to the specified recipients and the e-mail address specified in the E-mail Address field. If you and the other recipients receive the message, it is assumed that the mail options are configured properly, and there will be no problems with sending notification e-mail messages.