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Version 3.9.1 (June 23, 2008)

One-click MSI installation

New MSI installation engine allows you to install MSI just by one click. You don't need to care about installation of special service to remote computer - if required it's performed automatically in scope of installation operation.

Alternate credentials improvements

Now you don't need to specially define alternate credentials. Instead you can perform required operation and in case if you don't have enough permissions, then you will be prompted to enter new credentials to proceed.

Security improvements

In order to prevent any potential non-authorized usage of installation service and avoid intruder's penetration, application security system was revised. Following security aspects were affected:

  • Option to save username and password was removed in spite of the fact that this information was stored in encoded form. For better security now you will be asked to enter credentials at every startup.
  • Information from Favorites tab is kept in user's profile, so other users don't have an access to this data.
  • The lifetime of installation service is the same as the amount of time the operation of installation/uninstallation takes. At the end of the installation/uninstallation operation service stops itself and terminates.
  • In case of any failure of the operation a full rollback is performed.

Logging improvements

Logging operations were extended to contain detailed information regarding successful of unsuccessful results of installation, including following:

  • The name of remote computer the installation was made from
  • The name of application that was installed
  • The result of installation and detailed error message in case of an unsuccessful installation

Resolved issues

This release resolves a number of issues, the most important of which are listed below:

  • Problems with installation from Vista and Server 2008 to remote computers working under x64 platforms (XP, Vista, 2003, 2008).
  • Failed installation in networks with DHCP server, where IP addresses on remote computers can change often.
Product Facts

Did you know that Remote Installer allows you to silently install/uninstall software across your entire pool of remote computers with just a few clicks?

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