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Version 5.0 (March 18, 2015)

Software Bundles

You can save software deployment configurations as software bundles and use them in deployment operations. You can manage bundles in the new Software Bundles view. Each bundle represents the steps required to install, uninstall and repair particular software. Multiple bundles can be grouped in bundle groups to be used as single deployment units. Bundles can be exported to a file and imported to another PC so you can exchange your deployment configurations with colleagues.

Using filters to configure target PCs

In the Professional edition of the application, you can use filters to configure PCs where deployment operations should be executed. You can define a filter as a condition that uses properties of remote PCs such as the OS version and type, the service pack, the language, the installed software, etc. As a result, the deployment will be performed only on the target PCs that satisfy the filter condition. For example, using a filter, you can configure deployment to be performed only on Windows 7 x64 PCs that have Adobe Reader 11 installed.


Collection objects are introduced to replace Custom Groups. A collection can include a set of static machines, and queries, that report PCs dynamically based on the defined conditions. In the Professional edition of the application you can also configure a filter that should be applied to select the PCs that satisfy the filter condition. Collection configuration is identical to configuration of targets in deployment operations, so you can create collections and then use them to configure deployment targets.

Retrieving additional inventory data

During software scanning, the application extracts additional information from network PCs, including the operating system version and type, service pack, language, etc. The collected information is displayed in the All Machines view and can be used in deployment operations to filter target PCs.

Improved logging system

You can check the statuses of remote operations, see error messages and get troubleshooting information in the Execution Results and Application Log views. The Execution Results view provides information about all deployment and audit operations. The Application Log view shows the statuses of the rest of operations, such as network enumeration, etc. Both views report detailed information, including troubleshooting suggestions.

New and improved features

The below features have been introduced for the first time or significantly improved in this release:

  • Added an option to repeat execution of a task on the PCs where the task failed
  • Improved the user interface to implement the windows docking technology, which allows you to reorganize the application views layout according to your needs
  • Reorganized the Ribbon bar layout to improve the usability
  • Improved the drag/drop, copy/paste and import/export behavior
  • Reworked the context menus and the toolbars
  • Added an option to use the Ribbon buttons when a floating view is active
  • Optimized the UI rendering performance and decreased the system resources required to run the application
Product Facts

Did you know that Remote Installer allows you to silently install/uninstall software across your entire pool of remote computers with just a few clicks?

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