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Aborting Tasks Execution

The Abort action allows you to cancel all remote actions initiated by Remote Shutdown and being executed now on the set of remote Machines. To abort such tasks select these Machines in the Network Browser or Custom Grouping pane and press Abort button available from the Remote Actions Ribbon group of the Shutdown Ribbon page. The Abort Task Execution Pic 1 dialog will appear on the screen so you can validate the selection and change the operable Machines scope, if required. Press OK button to proceed.

Checking the Machines to participate in Abort operation

Pic 1. Checking the Machines to participate in Abort operation

Another useful feature of Remote Shutdown is that you can abort the task directly from the Scheduling area. In such a case the remote operation will be aborted on the Machines available from the task's Machine Queue. To perform such kind of an Abort right click the task and choose Abort from the pop-up menu.