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Databases Management

Remote Shutdown allows you to switch between different databases while working with it. On the first application startup the default database is created automatically, but then you can create more databases, containing different data, and switch between them.

The features of creating a new database and opening another database can be found under the Database menu of the Application Menu. To create a new database choose the Create Database item. The Create Database dialog will appear on the screen, proposing you to choose the database location and provide the database name. Pic 1

Creating a new database

Pic 1. Creating a new database

After the location is chosen and the database name is provided, press OK button to proceed with database creation. As soon as the database is created it is automatically opened so you can start using it.

If you have several databases and want to switch between them you should used the Open Database item from the Database menu. In the Open Database dialog you should provide the database location and choose the name of required database. Pic 2

Opening an existing database

Pic 2. Opening an existing database

When the name and location are chosen, press OK button to switch to the selected database.