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Enumeration Wizard

Enumeration Wizard Pic 1 is designed to make the process of building the network structure fast and easy. It allows you to perform automatic network enumeration and add Machines manually via IP Ranges or a custom name pattern.

Enumeration Wizard

Enumeration Wizard

The Enumeration Wizard button from the Network Ribbon group should be used to start Enumeration Wizard which can help you with adding Machines to Network Browser for further processing.

After Remote Shutdown has built the network structure, it can be used to create any specific structure in the Custom Grouping context. Then, the Machines from the Network Browser and/or Custom Grouping contexts can be processed by the application. The Enumeration Wizard welcome page displays built-in help information on when this wizard should be used and how it may help you, as well as a warning of possible situations that might be unexpected for you.

The Enumeration Wizard welcome page

Pic 1. The Enumeration Wizard welcome page

During the first step, you are offered to choose the enumeration type to be used. Pic 2 You can choose between automated enumeration and manual specification of the Machines to be added to the Network Browser pane.

Choosing the enumeration type

Pic 2. Choosing the enumeration type

If you have chosen the Scan Network option, on the next page you are required to specify the scope of operation for the automatic enumeration process. Pic 3 You can scan the entire network or only particular Groups for available Machine. See the Network Scan topic for details. Having selected the appropriate options, press Finish to proceed with enumeration.

Selecting the enumeration process operable scope

Pic 3. Selecting the enumeration process operable scope

If the Add Manually option is chosen, you are offered to specify the criteria of adding machines manually. Pic 4 See Adding Machines Manually for details. Having selected the addition method and the criteria specification, press Finish to proceed.

Adding machines manually

Pic 4. Adding machines manually

After you have passed all the steps of the Network Enumeration Wizard and pressed the Finish button, the process of adding Machines to the Network Browser is initiated. As soon as it is completed, you can see the result within the Network Browser pane. Pic 4

Network enumeration result

Pic 4. Network enumeration result

The added Machines can be processed in the future with Remote Shutdown. Also, you can use the Network Browser data for building the Custom Grouping structure.