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Executing Tasks

Each of the available remote actions can be executed immediately or scheduled for execution. To execute the remote action immediately you should choose the Execute item from the action drop down from the Remote Actions Ribbon group. E. g. if you want to execute Hibernate immediately you should choose Hibernate > Execute Hibernate. The wizard will appear on the screen to help you with the task configuration. For all task types, except Wake On LAN, and Unlock Devices, the first page of the wizard allows you to configure the type specific options for the task, e. g. if the action chosen is Shutdown, on the next page you are proposed to specify action timeout, if the notification message is shown during the timeout, notification message itself, if the currently logged on user on the remote Machine can abort the shut down process and if the applications should be forced to close. Pic 1

Specifying Shutdown action configuration

Pic 1. Specifying Shutdown action configuration

For the Wake On LAN task the first page provides you with a brief information on the requirements that should be met for the Wake-on-LAN to succeed.

On the next step of the wizard you can choose the Machines the task should work with. Pic 2 You can choose between the Machines available in the Network Browser and Custom Grouping.

Selecting Machines to be operated

Pic 2. Choosing the scope of operable Machines

After the Machines are chosen you can press Next to override common notifications configuration, or press Finish to execute the task. When Finish is pressed the wizard is closed and the remote action is initiated. As soon as it completes the results become available in the Application Log view.