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Task Execution Options

Most of the task coming with Remote Shutdown has specific options that are configured individually for each task. There are only two operations that have no such capabilities – those are Wake On LAN and Unlock Devices. Let us take a look at these options using the Shutdown task options as a template. Pic 1

Shutdown options

Pic 1. Shutdown options

Wait for the following time span before executing the operation option allows to specify a timeout for the action itself. It means that the action will actually be initiated on a remote Machine after the time span specified is passed after the task was executed on the local machine. You can specify if the dialog should be shown on the remote Machine during the timeout period, so that the currently logged on user can save his data, using the Show the dialog on a remote Machine to notify an user about the operation. Pic 2 It is also possible to allow the user currently logged on the remote Machine to cancel the operation by enabling Allow an user on a remote Machine to cancel the operation option – in such a case Cancel button will be a part of the notification dialog. Pic 2 This option is useful much when the shut down being performed is on a regular basis, e. g. the end of the working day comes, but the user wants to stay at work longer.

Notification screen on the remote desktop

Pic 2. Notification screen on the remote desktop

The custom text for the notification message Pic 2 can be specified by checking Show the following notification message option and providing the text itself.

Force application to close option should be used if the shut down must proceed in any case even if the applications cannot be closed by some reason, e. g. prompting for data saving. Use this option carefully cause it may lead to a possible business data loss on the remote Machines.