EMCO Remote Shutdown - Video Tour

Try live demos that introduce you the main features of the product. We recorded few screencasts to show complete examples how the product can be used and what advantages it can give to you.
How to shutdown remote PCs in automatic mode
Duration: 5:11.
Learn how to organize an automatic power management to shutdown and wake up multiple remote PCs in an automatic mode.
Using custom groups to speed up tasks setup
Duration: 4:37.
Learn how to speed up remote tasks configuration using custom groups, that include PCs from a different workgroups and domains.
Configuring and launching remote tasks
Duration: 5:55.
Learn how to configure different types of remote tasks, how to launch them for execution and how to check execution results.
Using scheduler for organizing tasks
Duration: 6:15.
Learn how to manage execution schedule for remote tasks in order to change execution time, recurrence pattern and other settings.
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