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Version 2.2 (July 30, 2008)

Professional and Starter editions

Functionality of two separate tools Remote Shutdown Professional and Remote Shutdown Lite was merged in a successor product Remote Shutdown. Remote Shutdown is available in two editions: Starter and Professional with functionality correspondingly similar to their predecessors: Remote Shutdown Lite and Remote Shutdown Professional.

Starter edition offers basic functionality for scanning network, job scheduling and execution of shutdown and reboot operations remotely.

Professional edition offers ability to install and use remote Agent that provides extended features set including lock/unlock input devices, power off operation and ability to run customized commands before remote job execution.

Improved UI

Few visual improvements were applied. Scan information entries in the Machines tree got correspondent icons to improve data representation. Forms were polished, some controls were reorganized and reshuffled to improve usability.

Alternative credentials for workgroup

Alternative credentials functionality now can be used not only in domain, but in workgroup as well. It can be helpful if you account has no enough permissions to perform operations with remote PCs. In this case you can define alternative credentials that will be used for remote operations.

Credentials for remote Agent

Now when you installing remote Agent, you can choose credentials to be used for its installation:

  • Credentials of current user who launched Remote Shutdown
  • Alternative credentials defined for particular domain or workgroup
  • Credentials defined by entered username and password

These options were added by user's requests and targeted at simplifying remote Agent installation in many real-life situations.

Skip past tasks on startup option

This option allows you to skip execution of overdue jobs at Remote Shutdown startup. Default state for this option was changed and now it is enabled. It means that by default Remote Shutdown skips execution of overdue jobs. If you would like to change this option you can find it on Settings dialog.

Improved logging

Set of logging data was extended to include information required to detect a reason of problem. In particular, diagnostic of remote operations failures was improved.

OS name detection

Basic information extracted from remote PCs was extended and now includes OS name and version.

On-demand remote Agent installation

If you launch remote operation by clicking on Run Now button and remote operation requires remote Agent to execute it, you will be prompted to install Agent if it's absent on remote PC. Operation will be successfully completed only in case when Agent will be installed, otherwise it will be skipped.

Send WOL packet from the context menu

You can send Wakeup On Lan command for each PC in the Machine tree by selecting correspondent item in the context menu. In this case IP or MAC address will be set accordingly by default and you don't need to enter them manually.

Resolved issues

This release resolves a number of issues, the most important of which are listed below:

  • Lock/unlock input device operations don't work under Windows 2008
  • External network enumeration storage doesn't updated when File > Save Enum File is executed
  • Total Physical Memory wrongly detected under Windows XP x64, Windows Vista and Windows 2008
  • Information about current logged user extracted incorrectly
  • Unable to retrieve remote PC details under x64 platforms
  • In Professional version remote shutdown works only if remote Agent is used
  • Under some conditions settings file can be saved with wrong format
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