EMCO UnLock IT - Feature List

Here you can find a complete list of the product features. All features come with detailed explanations and some of them have links to correspondent screenshots, so you can get an idea how they can be used on practice.
Locks Detection
File Locks Detection  
The application can detect that a specified file is locked if running processes have file handlers pointing it. This type of lock is detected when an application opens file for modification, for example.
Folder Locks Detection  
The application is able to detect this type of lock if a specified dynamic-link library (DLL file) is in use by running processes.
Locking Processes Detection  
The application allows to check any file or folder for locks. If locks are detected the application displays a list of processes that lock the resource. The application provides detailed information for every locking process, including process name, description, executable path, list of file handles, process owner name, process modules, start time, used memory and processor time and other information.
Resources Unlocking Options
Closing File Handles  
A locked file or folder can be unlocked by closing all file handles pointing it. This unlocking method doesn't require termination of running processes and is safe to use in most cases.
Closing Library Handles  
A locked dynamic-link library (DLL file) that is in use by running processes can be unlocked by closing library handles. This unlocking method doesn't require termination of processes that use the library.
Locking Processes Termination  
This method allows to unlock a resource by closing processes that hold locks. It can be used when other methods cannot release locks. The application can terminate a different type of processes, including processes that are protected from termination, such as viruses, spyware, etc.
Integration Features
Integration with the Windows Explorer  
The application can be integrated with the Windows Explorer. When the integration is activated, the Windows Explorer displays the application actions in the context menu, so it's possible to perform check for locks and unlock directly from the Windows Explorer.
List of Recent Items  
The application integrates with Windows 7 - when its shortcut is selected in the Start menu, a list of recent checked/unlocked resources is displayed. It enables to repeat recent operation again with a less number of clicks.
Interface Options
Visual Interface  
The application has a modern, Ribbon-style interface. It represents information about locks in a compact, easy-to-browse form and allows to get a quick access to all major actions.
Command Line Interface  
All functionality of the application is available from a command line. Using command line options it is possible to execute a check for locks and unlock a resource.