EMCO WakeOnLan - Screenshots

The screenshots below demonstrate the Look & Feel and the main features of the product. You can click on any screenshot to see its larger image.
EMCO WakeOnLan is available in different editions. The screenshots below demonstrate the features of the Professional edition. Other editions have different sets of features and may have a different look. Check the feature list for details.
Wake-on-LAN Tasks
In the middle of the main screen you can find a list of WOL tasks and information about a selected task. Scheduled tasks can be managed on the calendar, located above a task list.
WOL Settings Configuration
To configure WOL operation you can use common WOL packet settings or define custom settings for this operation. Also you can import settings defined in other tasks to reuse them.
Machine Queue Configuration
Remote operation settings include a list of PCs, where it should be executed. You can configure this list by selecting detected PCs/groups and moving them into the Machine Queue.
Application Preferences
On the application Preferences dialog you can configure various settings including MAC address detection methods, notification options, calendar options, scheduler configuration, etc.
Alternate Credentials
Application can detect remote PCs and get their MAC addresses even if they have restricted access. In this case you can specify different credentials to access different groups and PCs.
Changeable UI Skins
You can customize application and change a color palette and interface design by selecting a skin according with your taste. Application has a set of skins with strict and funny styles.
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