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WakeOnLan Professional is an excellent product

I work as the I.T. director for the Play and Recycling Centre which is a U.K. registered charity. My role at the Centre is a varied one, mainly focussed on the support of our small (7 PCs) peer-to-peer network of computers which are located in the Centre's premises. This involves backup and restore of the Centre's data, ensuring windows updates are applied, keeping our firewall and anti-virus applications current, installing software, administering the user accounts of our employees and volunteers, and a whole host of other functions.

I do as much of this work as possible from my home using Windows Remote Desktop to perform these tasks: this saves time and money, and is much more environmentally friendly than travelling frequently to the Play And Recycling Centre's premises. Once the daily automated backups have completed the PCs are closed down remotely to save energy. This used to mean that if I needed to do any extra work on the PCs I had to travel to the Centre to switch them on. WakeOnLan Professional now means I can power up the PCs at any time, so I can schedule my work more efficiently, and no longer need to make as many journeys to the Centre.

One of the Centre's main aims is to encourage people to observe the three Rs of environmental care, namely Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. WakeOnLan Professional has enabled me to significantly Reduce. I use only a small subset of the software's many features, but it does what I need it to do, which is the most important criterion by which any software should be judged. It's an excellent product.

Malcolm Richardson

Play and Recycling Centre