What's New in Version 2

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Version 2.0.5

August 20, 2019

New and improved features

  • The program now supports Microsoft Windows 10 build 1903
  • Added compatibility with mail servers that require TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 encryption

Version 2.0.4

March 13, 2019

New and improved features

  • The program now supports early access version of .NET Framework 4.8 shipped with Windows 10 Insider Preview

Version 2.0.3

May 15, 2018

New and improved features

  • Optimized the remote operations statuses check for environments with lots of machines
  • Improved operation flow diagnostics within the execution results

Resolved issues

  • Pressing the Enumerate button when the grouping row in the All Machines view is selected leads to the application failure

Version 2.0.2

March 6, 2018

New and improved features

  • The Wake on LAN operation status check is improved to allow checking the Machines running operating systems other than the Microsoft Windows family

Resolved issues

  • The NetBIOS and DNS name validation procedures are too strict, thus do not allow to add PCs manually in specific environments

Version 2.0

January 25, 2018

Advanced features in all editions

Now both the Free and Professional editions of the program include the following advanced features: executing WOL operations in dynamic groups of PCs, creating reusable tasks and scheduling tasks for automatic execution.

The Free edition includes all the advanced features with a few limitations, namely: a single WOL operation can include up to five remote PCs and it is possible to create up to two tasks. The Professional edition of the program does not have any limitations.

Advanced features in all editions

Run as a Windows service

The Professional edition of the program works as a Windows service. The service continues running and executing scheduled tasks even you log off from Windows or restart the computer where the program is installed.

Common database for all users

The Professional edition of the program allows all the users to work with the same database that stores the network configuration, the tasks, the execution results, etc. All Windows users utilize the same database, and the program allows two users to work concurrently.

In the Free edition of the program, every Windows user works with their own database.

Execution status reporting

Now, having executed a Wake-on-LAN operation, the program checks the execution on target PCs. The results are reported in the Execution Results view. If the target host has been woken up and started to respond, you can see the successful status in Execution Results, or see a failure otherwise.

Execution status reporting

New and improved features

  • Added IPv6 support