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Getting Started

EMCO Remote Installer is an application designed to manage software across a local network. You can use EMCO Remote Installer to collect information about the installed software from remote PCs and to install, uninstall and repair applications remotely. This tutorial is aimed to help you understand the main features of EMCO Remote Installer and its user interface to start utilizing the application for your day-to-day tasks as quickly as possible.

In the following chapters you can find a quick overview of the main features of the application, that are explained on practical examples. The chapters of this tutorial also provide the links to other sections of the documentation, where you can find more detailed information of the application features.

Performing the Required Pre-Start Checks
The chapter includes basic information you need to know to start using the application. It explains the differences between the Free and Professional editions of the application and the limitations of the trial version of the Professional edition. Also, this chapter contains requirements for installations that can be deployed remotely and requirements for the network configuration.

Getting to Know the Application Interface
In this chapter, you can learn how the application interface is organized. It introduces all the main views of the application and explains the purpose of every view. The application consists of about a dozen of different views, so this chapter should help you to get to know the user interface quickly and easily.

Scanning the Network and Auditing the Installed Software
This chapter demonstrates how to scan a local network to detect the PCs available to work with. Here you can also learn how to audit software inventory information collected from the scanned PCs, so that you can see the software and Windows updates installed on a specific PC.

Overview the Advanced Software Auditing Features
In this chapter, you can learn more about the software audit features provided by the application. Here you can learn how to audit software installed across the entire network and to find the PCs where specific software is installed. Also, you can learn how to track software installation changes that took place on remote PCs and how to automate software audit operations.

Deploying Software Using the Quick Install Operation
In this chapter, you can learn how to deploy an installation remotely on selected remote PCs. This chapter demonstrates the fastest and easiest method of software deployment. Here you can learn how to configure the basic deployment options and how to check the deployment results.

Overview of the Advanced Software Deployment Features
This chapter introduces the advanced deployment features of the application. Here you can learn how to create reusable deployment configurations and how to deploy software on PCs that satisfy the required conditions. This chapter introduces the concepts of bundles and collections. Here you can also learn how to use the advanced multi-step deployment operations and schedule deployments for automatic execution on a defined date and at a defined time.

Uninstalling Software
This chapter demonstrates the remote software uninstallation features. Here you can learn how to uninstall software installed as an EXE or MSI package, how to configure the uninstallation options and how to use the available software inventory data to perform uninstallations.

The main features of the application are also demonstrated on the Video Tour page of the website. Every video there is focused on a specific feature of the application, so you can use the videos as a demonstration of the features described in this tutorial.