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Installations Monitoring on Virtual Machines Using MSI Package Builder v8

The new version of MSI Package Builder is designed to simplify installations repackaging. The Architect and Enterprise editions of the program allow monitoring installations on Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines connected remotely. Using different VMs for monitoring, you can easily switch repackaging environments.

The new version of the program automatically checks the monitoring environment issues to detect and report violations of the repackaging best practices. For example, the program checks if Windows Update and other services, which may generate unwanted changes, have been stopped. If any issues are detected, the program allows resolving them automatically.

The command-line interface introduced in the new version of the program provides commands for all the main functions. Using the command-line interface, you can perform monitoring on the local machine, generate packages in different formats, export/import or sign packages, etc.

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MSI Package Builder v8

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Software Packaging and Deployment

Repackage non-silent installations into silent MSI packages ready for remote automatic deployment. Repackage software to App-V. Audit installed software and distribute software installations across a network.

Network Monitoring

Monitor connections to local and remote hosts, get connection statistics and receive notifications when connections are lost and restored. Get web reports with connection statuses and statistics and generate PDF/HTML reports on demand.

Computer Power Management

Manage network PCs remotely: shut down, wake up, reboot, hibernate, lock/unlock computers, turn on/off monitors, send text messages and perform other PC management operations on demand or automatically on schedule.

Computer Inventory and Management

Audit network PCs to get information about the hardware components and the installed software. Audit permissions to access the network shares and folders to get information about authorized users. Resolve problems with locked files.

What Experts Say

I think that EMCO Ping Monitor has a lot to offer in a crowded server monitoring space. EMCO stands up well in the face of its competition by offering the busy systems administrator low cost, low management overhead and reporting capability.

EMCO MSI Package Builder is one of the better stand-alone MSI packaging tools that I've had a chance to work with and it lets you create MSI packages quickly and easily from non-silent .exe setup files.

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