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Discover EMCO MSI Package Builder: the premier tool for streamlined repackaging of any installation file into MSI, MSIX or App-V package

New release: Version 11.1.3July 10, 2024

Comprehensive Application Packaging & Repackaging

Master every packaging task with a tool that handles EXE to MSI repackaging, creates MSI and MSIX packages, customizes and prepares installations for automated deployment

Repackage Any Installation, Big or Small

Whether it's a compact installation or a complex software suite, EMCO MSI Package Builder effortlessly handles the repackaging of any Windows application. Tackle complex installs with ease, including those deploying services and drivers. Packaging guide

Intuitive, Automated Workflow

Say goodbye to guesswork and errors. EMCO MSI Package Builder simplifies the repackaging journey. Just pick your original installation and choose the output format you need. The tool takes over from there, meticulously capturing all installation changes to build your ideal package. Repackaging example

Rapid Results, Refined Accuracy

Equipped with industry-leading Live Monitoring technology and a robust kernel-mode driver, EMCO MSI Package Builder tracks system changes as they happen during repackaging. This ensures unmatched accuracy, enabling you to swiftly produce your final package without any holdups. How repackaging works

Welcome View and the Main Features

Application Packaging Made for Your Needs

EMCO MSI Package Builder simplifies your everyday packaging challenges, from repackaging EXE to MSI, to creating and customizing installations

Repackage EXE to MSI

Convert interactive executable installations into silent MSI, MSIX, or App-V packages, suitable for deployment through GPO, SCCM, and Intune, using a simple and user-friendly automated process. Repackaging demo

Create a New Package

Create MSI packages either manually, by using visual editors to configure installation changes, or automatically, by capturing file system and registry changes for replication in the installation. Package creation methods

Customize Existing Installations

Modify and enhance any installation by editing its contents using intuitive visual editors, or by adding custom scripts and executable files to be run before or after the package deployment. Editing and customization

Create a Wrap Package

Convert an existing silent installation into an MSI package, ideal for deployment with preconfigured installation parameters, or for combining multiple installations into one MSI package. Wrapping demo

Build an Installation Update

Build MSI packages designed to update existing installations. Configure update preferences and let the automatic process handle the seamless updating to the new version. Update configuration

Package to MSI, MSIX, and App-V

Produce output packages in MSI, MSIX, or App-V formats from the same installation project. Simply select the required format to meet your packaging needs and let the program create a package. Package generation

EMCO MSI Package Builder in Action

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Welcome View and the Main Features
Installation Repackaging Wizard
Repackaging on a Local Machine, VM, or Sandbox
Creating MSI, MSIX and App-V Packages
Package Generation Options
Projects Storage
Installation Project
Project Editors
Platform-Independent Packages
Pre and Post-Installation Actions
Installations Wrapping
Packages Management
Package Deployment Testing
VM Profiles Management

How EXE to MSI Repackaging Works

Benefit from the simple, step-by-step process, designed to ensure optimal installation repackaging results

Prepare Repackaging Environment

Choose a clean environment for repackaging tasks. This can be either a local or remote virtual machine, with support for various virtualization platforms. Repackaging directly on your local machine is also an option.

Select Installation for Repackaging

Select the executable Windows installation file for repackaging. The tool tracks system changes during the installation, enabling the creation of a package that precisely replicates these modifications.

Configure Package Options

Specify the settings for the output package. Choose the format, such as MSI, MSIX, or App-V. Determine the file location, package signing, and other settings to align with your packaging requirements.

Follow the Installation Process

The tool automatically starts the installation, guiding you through the original setup steps. Choose the required options as the system records any changes you make, ensuring these are reflected in the output package.

Get the Output Package

Upon installation completion, the system halts change tracking and automatically assembles the output package. This package contains all recorded data from the installation, effectively reproducing the captured changes.

Test the Package

If needed, conduct a test of the newly created package. Choose between a virtual machine or your local machine for testing. The package is thoroughly tested, and the results are comprehensively reported.

EMCO MSI Package Builder Key Features

Discover features designed to simplify your everyday application packaging process and unlock its full potential

Converting Installations

Change installation formats and upgrade legacy installations to MSI, MSIX or App-V with ease. Our tool is designed to assist in any repackaging task, suited for users with varying skill levels. It simplifies repackaging with built-in features that streamline and automate the process, making it accessible and efficient for everyone.

Repackaging Features

Repackaging Complex Installations

Repackage installations of any scale, even those involving Windows services, drivers, tasks, file system permissions, firewall modifications, and more. All such changes are meticulously captured and seamlessly integrated into the output package.

How capturing works

Live Monitoring Technology

Outperforming traditional repackaging technologies, our Live Monitoring technology employs a Windows driver for real-time change detection, ensuring ultra-fast speeds and unmatched accuracy. This means immediate package creation without delays.

About Live Monitoring

Process Change Association

Our Live Monitoring not only captures installation changes but also identifies the Windows processes that applied them. This feature enables precise tracking of changes, effectively filtering out irrelevant changes applied by system or unwanted processes.

Process filters

Effective Monitoring Filters

Equipped with a thoroughly tested and refined set of filters, our tool effectively excludes unrelated changes and other non-essential modifications. These filters have been proven across thousands of packages to ensure you get a clean, uncluttered output package.

Predefined filters

Application Packaging

Looking to distribute Windows software, modernize legacy installations, or virtualize existing packages for more efficient deployment? Our tool offers a straightforward and efficient solution. It guides you through each task with clear, step-by-step instructions, simplifying complex operations and making the process smoother for you.

Packaging Features

Deployment-Ready Packages

Whether you're using GPO, SCCM, Intune, or other tools, generated packages are built for seamless deployment. They install silently, offer universal compatibility with different platforms, and support automatic distribution, meeting all your deployment requirements.

Packaging methods

Convert Legacy Installations

Easily transform non-silent installations into silent packages. Upgrade and repackage legacy software into MSI, MSIX, and App-V formats, making them fully compatible with modern deployment tools. Bundle all dependencies into a single deployable package.

Repackaging demo

Flexible Repackaging Environment

Choose your repackaging environment - your local machine or a VM for a pristine setup. Our tool is compatible with VMware, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, and even Windows Sandbox, offering versatile options for repackaging on both local and remote VMs.

Monitoring environment

Testing for Reliable Deployment

Ensure your package performs flawlessly before production deployment. Test deployments on a local machine or VM, with our tool providing detailed checks and logging. This step allows testing compatibility with different environments to ensure a smooth rollout.

Packages testing

Creating Installations

Create and fine-tune installations using visual editors. Designed for both beginners and experts, these editing tools allow comprehensive management of all installation aspects without overwhelming complexity. Focus on crafting and refining your installations, while the editors make the process engaging, not daunting.

Package Creation Features

Output Format Switching

Build output packages in MSI, MSIX, and App-V formats from just one installation project. Each project encapsulates necessary installation changes like files and registry entries, ready to be implemented during deployment, no matter your format choice.

Packages creation

Cross-Environment Deployment

Create packages designed for compatibility with multiple Windows versions and system settings. Our tool automatically transforms environment-specific installation elements into universally applicable resources, ensuring seamless deployment on any system.

System folder placeholders

Streamlined Update Process

Easily create MSI installations that are update-ready. These installations replace older product versions during deployment, leveraging native update mechanisms of Windows Installer. Setting up updates is as simple as specifying a few properties in a package.

Package updates

Secure Package Signing

Ensure your packages align with modern deployment standards, including strict digital signature verification. Automatically sign your packages as they are generated, using your own code signing certificate, to comply with security policies of deployment tools.

Digital signing

Customizing Installations

Customize any installation by adjusting its deployment behavior, combining several installations into one package, and including dependencies with the main package. Turn complex packaging tasks into more manageable ones. Our tool provides a direct and uncomplicated way to adapt your packages to fit your specific requirements.

Customization Features

Wrap Existing Installations

If your existing installation offers silent deployment, easily wrap it into an MSI package. This wrapped package then deploys the installation with your pre-configured deployment options. Additionally, combine multiple such installations into a single MSI package.

Wrapping demo

Pre/Post-Install Actions

Customize installations by adding actions to execute before or after the install/uninstall process. Execute system commands, run executable files, or custom scripts from the installation package, fine-tuning the setup to meet your specific requirements.

Using custom actions

Per-User/Machine Installations

Choose between per-user or per-machine deployment for your packages. This option caters to different needs, including enabling non-administrative users in Windows to deploy per-user installations without requiring elevated system permissions.

Installation context

Package Support Framework

Package and adapt legacy installations, which require full access to restricted resources, into MSIX packages. Configure MSIX fixups to transparently modify system calls for applications running within the MSIX container, thereby ensuring compliance with its restrictions.

MSIX fixups

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the limitations of the trial version?
The trial version lets you explore all program features, but packages created are not for production use. Trial packages have a 30-day validity period, after which they cease functioning and should be uninstalled. Additionally, 'EMCO EVALUATION' is prefixed to package names, visible in Windows Programs and Features post-installation.
Are the generated packages royalty-free?
Create unlimited packages without restrictions on quantity. The program allows you to generate as many packages as needed for your projects.
What are the differences between the program editions?
Each edition has different features. For a detailed comparison, visit the Compare Editions page. The trial version corresponds to the Architect edition, allowing full feature evaluation.
What types of licenses are available for the product?
We offer two license types. The Single User license is suitable for organizations where only one user will work with the program, while the Unlimited Users license is designed for use by multiple users. For more details, please visit the Purchase page.
How does the program's licensing work?
Licenses are perpetual for the current major version. Minor updates are free, while major upgrades are chargeable. Upgrade options are available at a special price, as detailed on the Purchase Terms page.
What type of support is available for the program?
We offer free technical support to both customers and trial users. You can contact our support team via email or submit a request on the Support page for any assistance.

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