EMCO Permissions Audit - Remote Audit Shares and NTFS Permissions

The program allows you to scan a local network to detect available computers and audit permissions of shares on those computers. For every share, you can get information about users and groups that can access it, as well as get permissions for those users and groups. The collected information about the permissions is stored in a database, so you can query it to see if a specific user or group has permissions to access a share.

Latest release: Version 2.8.11

What is EMCO Permissions Audit?

EMCO Permissions Audit is designed so as to inspect permissions of shared folders in a local network. It allows you to automatically discover all network shares and save information about the share access permissions into a centralized database. The collected information allows you to see who can access the shares and what permissions are defined for users and groups. You can browse the information in the program or run queries to display shares that satisfy the entered criteria. The program allows you to save the displayed information into a file.

To audit shares and their permissions, you don't need to install any client software on remote PCs. The program allows auditing shares and permissions remotely. You should only configure the program to use an account with network administrative permissions to be able to connect to remote PCs and scan them remotely. The network scanning process is optimized, and it only takes a few minutes now to audit shares on servers and workstations in the local network.

Reviewing Permissions

Key Features of EMCO Permissions Audit

The program is designed to audit shares on computers within a local network and to inspect information about access permissions to the discovered shares. You can use the program to find permission problems of network shares, if any.

Automatically Discover Shares

The program allows scanning a local network to discover all available computers in workgroups and domains and to find all shares automatically. Information on the discovered shares is saved into a database and displayed by the program, so you can audit the users' access to the shares.

Audit Permissions of Shares

For every discovered share, the program collects information on the user access permissions, so you can see who can read, write, delete or perform other operations with the share. If permissions are defined for a group, you can see the users that belong to that group and can access the share.

Find Permissions Problems

The program allows you to browse the collected permissions data and run queries to detect problems, if any. For example, you can find the shares that are opened for everyone. The current state of permissions can be saved as a snapshot, so you can search for permissions that don't match the snapshot.

Generate Reports

Information about shares and permissions can be browsed in the program and saved to a file, so you can document permissions or share the information with other administrators. The program supports different export formats and allows saving data as a PDF, HTML or Excel file.

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