Become a Reseller

If you specialize on product reselling or just have an interest to this topic, we can offer you an opportunity to join our worldwide resellers' team. We are continuously looking for new partners, who will represent our products. Together with you we can find new markets and build successful cooperation to distribute our products in your country and your city. We rate our cooperation with each reseller highly and try to find flexible and attractive business conditions for everyone.

Who can participate?

EMCO Reseller Program is open for everyone, who would like to resell our products. Who usually become our resellers? Those companies and individuals, who work with target consumers potentially interested in tools we produce. There are some examples:

  • Software dealers, who sell software products and include our products in own catalogues.
  • Software consultants, who recommend our solutions to clients.
  • Software developers, who would like to offer our products to customers together with own as one bundle.

How the program works?

As participant of EMCO Reseller Program you will act as local representative and reseller of EMCO products and get a commission from every executed sale. Your responsibilities include pre-sales promotion, organization of payment process and delivery of products and licenses. Other pre-sales and post-sales activity is exercised by our team, including users support, patches distribution and other usual actions. Our team also provide you by various promotional material to help you with selling products successfully.

Rules and Conditions

You can join Reseller Program to become Silver, Gold or Platinum Reseller Partner. Program entrance and other conditions are summarized below. All participants of Reseller Program can upgrade their status upon reaching defined upgrade conditions.

  Silver Reselling
Gold Reselling
Platinum Reselling
Percent that you get from every sale
20% 30% From 30% up to 50%
Formal Agreement
Signing a formal Agreement with us
Not required in case of prepayment Required Required
Entrance Conditions
Requirements to join the program
Open for everyone! N/A N/A
Upgrade Conditions
Requirements to upgrade from previous level
N/A Reaching $25,000 of total sales amount Contact us
Your sales and promotion responsibilities
No requirements No requirements Agreed minimal sales amount, active advertising
NFR Licenses
NFR non-expired licenses for all products
Not available Availble Availble
Website Listing
Add company to the list of resellers
Not provided Provided Provided

Note: EMCO Software reserves the right to change the reseller status based on the reseller sales results and activity as well as modify the requirements for each of the reseller levels.

Signup to participate

It's really easy! You just need to send us an e-mail at sales@emcosoftware.com, where provide information about your company (or yourself, if you are individual) and also ideas how you will sell our products. As soon as your application will be approved our sales team will contact you in order to provide you by marketing materials, price lists and other information in order to start the cooperation.

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