Become a Reseller

Join our Reseller Program to become an EMCO reseller and start earning commission on every sale.

Reseller Program Overview

Would you like to sell EMCO products to local clients? Sign up to join EMCO Reseller Program. You will act as a local representative and a reseller of EMCO products and get a commission from every closed sale. Your responsibilities will include pre-sales promotion, closing the sale and delivery of license keys to the end-user. Other pre-sales and post-sales activities, such as prospect consultations, user support, patch distribution, etc., are performed by our team. EMCO also provides you with promotional materials to assist you with successful sales of EMCO products.

Terms and Conditions

  • To join the Program, you need to sign up using the form below and get an approval from us.
  • Your commission will be 20%. You will get it as a 20% reseller discount from the end-user price.
  • Ordered licenses must be resold to end-users. As a reseller, you cannot order a license with a reseller discount for your own needs.
  • The end-user pricing is fixed and is defined by EMCO. You cannot offer any unapproved discounts to end-users.

Who Can Participate?

Our Reseller Program is available to Software Resellers, Value-Added Resellers, Service Providers and other software-related businesses.

Sign Up to Become a Reseller

Fill out the form below to sign up. We will review your request and contact you by e-mail.

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Tell us about your plans on reselling our products.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about the Program, feel free to contact our sales team.