Become an Affiliate

Start to earn money today with EMCO Affiliate Program! If you have a website, blog or other online medium, you can get a commission from every order placed by people, who found our products through your promotion. This program is FREE for you and doesn't involve any costs - all what you need to do is just to place a links to our website.

How the program works?

EMCO Affiliate Program is tracked and managed by share-it, our reputable third-party payment partner. When you place a link to our website, it contains your affiliate id, thus share-it can identify visitors you sent to us. If these visitors make an order, the purchase process goes through share-it and your affiliate commissions will be automatically deducted from the order amount and deposited on your account.

One of the benefits of our program is an extended, 6 months period during which your referrals are qualified for a commission. Every time when visitors follow your link to our site a browser cookie with your affiliate id is placed to user's computer. This cookie will be valid during 6 months. If visitor will decide to purchase even after 5 months by coming directly to our site, the order will be automatically identified as your referral and you will get a commission.

Rules and conditions

We interested in building strong partnerships with our affiliates and proposing best terms for them. If you have any questions or proposals regarding participation in EMCO Affiliate Program you can contact us at sales@emcosoftware.com.

Who can participate?

In order to participate in EMCO Affiliate Program you should have some kind of online medium that has relation to software industry or online software sales. Good examples are:

  • Online directory, that promotes software tools
  • Specialized website with topics close to our products scope
  • Blog (technical blogs are preferred) with special posts dedicated to our products
  • Technical forum, mailing list or RSS feed

Anyone, who has qualitative content on related topic or auditory, which can be interested in our products, invited to become EMCO affiliate partner.


This program is FREE for you and doesn't have any limitations for minimal amount of generated sales. Nevertheless we expect that you will spend reasonable efforts for promotion and advertising.

As EMCO affiliate you don't have any responsibilities related with promoted products. All pre-sales and post-sales activity is exercised by our team, including online and offline sales, products distribution, licenses delivery, users support, patches distribution and other required actions.

Our payment partner share-it is fully responsible for all organizational and technical aspects of this program. Their responsibilities include tracking of your sales and calculating of your commission, providing you by sales reports and performing regular payments.

Commission rates

Your commission will grow together with sales, which you generate. We offer Silver Affiliate Partner status with 20% of commission for everyone, who join this program. If you will demonstrate good results your status will be upgraded to Gold or Platinum Affiliate Partner with larger percent of commission.

  Silver Affiliate
Gold Affiliate
Platinum Affiliate
Percent that you get from every sale
20% 30% From 30% up to 40%
Formal Agreement
Signing a formal Agreement with us
Not required Not required Not required
Entrance Conditions
Requirements to join the program
Open for everyone! N/A N/A
Upgrade Conditions
Requirements to upgrade from previous level
N/A Reaching $25,000 of total sales amount Contact us
Your sales and promotion responsibilities
No requirements No requirements No requirements

Note: EMCO Software reserves the right to change the affiliate status based on the affiliate sales results and activity as well as modify the requirements for each of the affiliate levels.


Play honestly! To become a successful affiliate you need to promote your website as well as our products. But keep far from any dirty or even grey schemes of promotion and search engine optimization. We don't approve any form of SPAM advertising, mass links exchanging and other fraudulent promotion mechanisms. In this scope we don't allow affiliates to copy texts from this website, because it can be treated by search engines as duplicated content and resulted to penalty. Instead we offer special materials for affiliates that can be adopted, modified and improved.

We keep the right to terminate partnership with those affiliates, who will violate these requirements.

Signup to participate

Step 1

If you are not yet registered on share-it, you need to register as affiliate of EMCO Software using simple registration form. If you already have share-it account, you can just send a partnership request to EMCO Software from share-it Control Panel.

After registration provided information will be validated by share-it staff. Usually it takes just one business day to approve your application. As soon as your account will be created, you will get an access to Control Panel and start to work.

Step 2

Review our products, investigate their features, and select most interesting ones to publish on your site. If applicable, you can use Portable Application Descriptions (PAD files), available for every EMCO product.

Publish links to our products on your site. To track your sales these links should contain your affiliate ID. You can generate these links using form below or from share-it Control Panel.

Your affiliate ID: Product: Edition:
Generated Links
EMCO homepage:
EMCO products catalog:
Product information:
Product purchase:

Step 3

Advertise and promote your site. Increasing the number of visitors as well as attraction of quality auditory, which interested in the topic, will help you to generate more sales and get more commission.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I participate?

  • You can make money easily just by putting links to our website. No obligations from you, no minimal sales amount, and no required office hours!
  • You get from 20% up to 40% of each sale generated by your links.
  • No immediate sale required - you will get your commission if referred customer will purchase our products during following 6 months.
  • EMCO is a brand name on the market. We offer award-winning, quality solutions for system administrators. We have more than 35 products in our portfolio, that are suitable for companies and organizations of different sizes.

What income can I expect?

It depends on your abilities and the quality of your website and promotional campaign. We have good experience with really successful affiliates, who bring a lot of customers to us.

In order to give you some basic estimation we can assume that you can generate a sale once per day. The average sale amount is $330. Thus, per month you will generate $9,900 of sales and get $1,980 as a commission.

Is there a guarantee that I will be paid?

Yes. All technical and business aspects of EMCO Affiliate Program are provided by share-it, our payment partner. Share-it is one of the most famous e-commerce providers with a very good reputation. We use their services many years for online sales and faced any problems.

How can I get my commission?

You can receive payments either by check or wire transfer to your bank account. You can select preferred payment option and currency during registration as EMCO affiliate.

Share-it sends out Payment Reports to affiliates on the 8th of the each month for the previous month's sales. Payment is then made on the 15th for the previous month's earnings, provided you reach the minimum payment amount of 100 EUR/USD or 70 GBP in commission earnings. Otherwise the balance is transferred to next month until you reach minimum payment amount.

How I can control sales status?

You will be notified by e-mail on every generated sale. Also you can see sales status online using share-it Control Panel.

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