Non-Profit Discounts

Do you work for an educational or non-profit organization? You may be eligible for a discount. File your discount request here.

Request a Discount

If you work for a qualified non-profit organization, fill out the form below to apply for a 30% discount.

1. Information About Your Organization

Use your work e-mail, that belongs to your organization. It will be used for validation of your request.
This field is optional. If there is a page on the official website of your organization that confirms the non-profit status, provide the link to it here.

2. Licenses You Intend to Order

3. Order and Payment Preferences

30% Off for All Orders

Non-profit customers can order new licenses and upgrades with a discount.

Who Qualifies for a Discount?

  • Educational organizations such as universities, colleges, school districts, schools, etc.
  • Non-profits such as public libraries, museums, charities and other non-profits.