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It can't get much easier to work with the locked files

Move, rename, or delete locked files at your next system boot with this effective and easy-to-use freeware utility. EMCO MoveOnBoot's no frills interface has a combination of a drag-and-drop window and text buttons. It won't win any design awards, but it makes the app simple to operate. Help is included, but even inexperienced users will have this program mastered in minutes.

It can't get much easier to work with the locked files. You merely drag the problem file to the interface and the app displays a prompt dialog. Radio buttons list each of the program's options. Click the action you need performed, and press OK. MoveOnBoot will delete, move, or rename files or folders. The app also offers an easy method to bypass the prompt dialog. If you need to perform the same action on multiple files, you can simply call up a drag-and-drop window for that action and drop all your files there. All it takes to perform the actions is to boot your system.

The interface helpfully lists all actions to be performed on next boot and includes a log of previously performed actions. ECMO MoveOnBoot simplifies a function experienced users find difficult, and it does it in a way that even novices will understand. This is freeware everyone will need at some point, and it's a good addition to any user's toolbox.

CNET Editor

Simple, elegant and functional

This software does exactly what it claims, and it does it well. I've used this for a variety of 'undeletable' files over time, and I've never had it choke on me or cause a single problem. The right-click functionality makes this a real gem.

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Excellent app!

There's nothing more maddening than trying to dump an app that's locked itself tightly into your computer's OS. Over the several years I've used MoveOnBoot it's failed me only 2 or 3 times (one of those times it was Norton). Otherwise, I love it!

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Perfect for files that are difficult to remove

Very easy program to use. I had folders on my computer that were locked by the operating system. Don't know why. I used this program and it removed all of them!

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Bless your hearts!

I've known and loved your MoveOnBoot for years, and never had a problem with it. It has helped me remove many files that could not be removed any other way, and I thank you for making it available to the needy out here.

I like to download things that are sometimes risky, and periodically that results in a file that can be difficult to remove, and MoveOnBoot saves me from myself. Bless your hearts!

Ray Sutton