EMCO UnLock IT - Testimonials

Please take a moment to read what our customers are saying about our product and results, which they achieve using it. Do you have own success story? You can share it by sending to emco@emcosoftware.com.

Thank you for a great program

I downloaded the free version of Unlock it and it has fixed a corrupted file error I had for weeks. I'm running Win 7 Ultimate and have exhausted all known efforts to deleted / recover this file. Safe mode and trying to delete unsuccessful. Safe mode, dropping into power shell to delete the file again was unsuccessful. Tried many competitor demo utilities and they did not even come close to Unlock It 3 for free.

What can I say other than THANK YOU for a great program that not only saved my data but also I was able to use for free.

Harry Campbell

Could do the job with this tool - safe and simple

EMCO UnLock IT belongs on the PC of every Power User! Who wants to delete annoying blocked files, directories or traces, could do the job with this tool - safe and simple.

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