What's New in Version 2

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Version 2.8.10

September 4, 2020

New and improved features

  • New Ribbon-based Graphical User Interface
  • Snapshot Data 'Filter' have been moved to the Ribbon Tab
  • Office-style Search box with Show/Hide, Icon/no Icon options
  • Options and Tasks moved to Backstage View
  • Key Tips, Accelerators and Shortcuts updated
  • Ribbon Key Tips have been fully implemented
  • Accelerators for each function via Buttons or Menu items have been updated
  • To accommodate standard shortcuts, Fetch shortcuts have been updated, see the 'Key Tips, Accelerators and Shortcuts' help topic
  • 'Expand to Tree Level' which is saved and used when the Tree List repopulates
  • 'Find Record' (Ctrl+F) now integrated with all Grids
  • PDF Export Digital Signature Support
  • Expression-Based Filters for Grids
  • Three new Office 2019 vector skins - White, Dark Gray, and Black
  • Help updated for the Ribbon Format
  • Fetch will now change tabs to display the Fetch Log if Options where visible
  • Option button disables during Fetch/Processing
  • Updated Visual Controls
  • Grids more responsive and accelerates Best Fit calculations up to four times faster than in previous versions
  • Gallery controls will perform at their very best even on high-DPI devices (4K+)
  • Improved transaction control
  • Increased parsing speed

Resolved issues

  • Fix if connection attempt to Db Server triggers a 'No Such Host' Exception
  • Fix for concurrent threading engine while running on high end CPUs with large Cache Line capacity
  • Bug with reconnecting to the server is fixed
  • Bug with connecting after a server connection failure is fixed
  • Bug with performing a TLS 1.2 handshake during connection attempt to the server is fixed