Resources View

The Resources view occupies the main zone of UnLock IT main window Pic 1. It is used to display the file system resources currently operated by the program and their statuses. It is possible to paste or drop files and folders to this area to check them for being locked.

The Resources area

Pic 1. The Resources view

The icons next to every item are used to describe the resource's type and status. The following set of icons is used for resource type:



the resource is a folder;



the resource is a file.

The files and folders that will be deleted at boot time are marked with the asterisk overlay (*).

As for the status, the following set of icons is used:



the status for the resource is not determined yet;



the status for operation processing;



the resource is locked;



the resource is not locked;



the resource is currently inoperable (the program is unable to check, unlock and delete it).

For each resource, in case it is locked, you can find details of its locks in the Details pane located at the bottom of Resources view. Select a locked resource and see a summary of its locks in the Details pane. To get more detailed information about the locks, click Locks Details in the context menu of the resource.

Using the pop-up menu actions or buttons, displayed when you hover a mouse over a resource in the Resources view, you can recheck the resources for being locked, unlock them or delete. Also it is possible to open the resource path in Explorer.