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The program is available in multiple editions with the different set of features and pricing. You can find the detailed features comparison below.

Hosts Monitoring

Multi-host Monitoring

Check the connection to network hosts by executing regular ping operations and analyzing the host responses. Tracking the statuses of multiple hosts simultaneously.

5 hosts
250 hosts
Unlimited hosts1

Report Connection and Ping Statistics

Report changes in the host uptime and the ping response time minimum, maximum and average values for the reported period. The uptime and ping statistics is displayed on charts.

Custom Monitoring Settings for Selected Hosts

Override the global monitoring options, if required, to use a custom ping timeout, ping interval and outage condition for selected hosts.

New in v.6

Custom Gateway for Selected Hosts

Override the global gateway settings, if required, to check a custom gateway for selected hosts.

Client/Server Features and Remote Connecting
New in v.6

Client/Server Architecture

Run the program as a client-server. A server works as a Windows service, hence monitoring, reports generation and other operations continue running even after you have closed a client, switched Windows accounts or logged off from Windows. A client is a Windows program that allows the user to manage hosts, see connection statistics, etc.

New in v.6

Local Clients

Connect to a server running on the same PC. The program allows multiple Windows users to run clients and connect to the same server concurrently.

2 clients
Unlimited clients
New in v.6

Remote Clients Connection

Connect to a remote server running on a computer located in the same Windows network. Multiple remote clients can connect and work with the same server concurrently.

Unlimited clients
New in v.6

Internet Clients Connection

Connect to a remote server through the Internet. The server supports concurrent access by multiple clients.

Unlimited clients
New in v.6

Web Reports

Review host monitoring statistics remotely using a browser without installing a GUI client.

New in v.6

Customizable User Permissions

Configure users that can access the program and specify their permissions to manage hosts, generate reports, etc. The program can be configured using the Windows principals and the customizable roles specified for them.


E-Mail, Sound and Windows Tray Notifications

Send e-mails, playing sounds and displaying Windows Tray balloons in case of connection lost and restore events.

Custom Notification Settings for Selected Hosts

Override the global notification settings, if required, to use custom notification types and notification recipients for selected hosts.


Automatic HTML, PDF and E-Mail Reports

Generate reports on a regular basis in the PDF, HTML and e-mail format. The reports include the uptime and ping statistics for selected hosts. The generated reports are sent by e-mail or created as files in a specified folder.

Custom Settings for Selected Reports

Override the global report settings, if required, to use custom e-mail templates and e-mail recipients for selected reports.

Reports Branding

Use a custom logo and a company name in the generated reports.

Upload Reports to FTP

Upload the generated reports to a web server automatically using the FTP and FTPS protocols.

Events Handling and Integration with Other Programs

Global Custom Actions for All Hosts

Execute a preconfigured script or an executable file if the connection to any monitored host is lost or restored.

Individual Custom Actions for Selected Hosts

Override the global custom actions, if required, to execute a host-specific script or executable file when the connection to a host is lost or restored.


  1. There are no licensing limitations on the number of hosts. On a modern PC, it is possible to monitor 2500 hosts or more depending on the used hardware.