Getting Started

EMCO Ping Monitor is a software utility that allows you to monitor the reachability of network hosts continuously. The program sends ICMP echo requests to target hosts and analyzes echo replies to identify connection outages of remote hosts. The program also provides you with connection statistics, including minimum, maximum and average round-trip times and other parameters for every host monitored.

Hosts monitoring

Ping Monitor provides you with the following features that can be used to monitor your network infrastructure:

  • Multi-host monitoring. The Free edition of the program allows you to monitor up to five hosts simultaneously. The Professional edition allows monitoring of 250 hosts. And the Enterprise edition allows to monitor an unlimited number of hosts, so you can monitor a few thousands of hosts simultaneously provided you do it on a modern PC.
  • Detecting connection outages. The program can monitor hosts connection statuses in the 24/7 mode to automatically detect outages and notify you of possible problems.
  • Connection quality analyzing. Get statistics for every monitored host that includes the uptime, the response time minimum, maximum and average, and the response deviation to analyze the connection quality.
  • Flexible notifications. Be notified when connections are lost and restored. The program can send e-mail notifications, play sounds and show Windows Tray balloons. You can customize the notification parameters and use host-specific notifications.
  • Charts and reports. The program can generate reports in different formats on a regular basis and send them by e-mail or upload them to a web server. The reports include a list of outages and the connection statistics displayed in charts for the reported period.
  • Integration with other programs. You can integrate the program with other software by configuring scripts or executable files to be invoked when host connections are lost or restored. Using this feature, you can integrate the program with external software that sends SMS notifications, for example.
  • Client-server architecture. Using the Enterprise edition of the program, multiple client programs can connect to the same server and work with it concurrently. Client programs can be installed on the same PC where the server is installed, or they can be installed on remote PCs and connect to the server over LAN, WAN and VPN. The program can be used by different users allowing individual configuration of the features available for every.
  • Web-reports. The Enterprise edition of the program offers web reports, so you can access hosts statistics remotely from any computer without having to install any client software for this purpose.

In the following chapters, you can find a quick overview of the main features of the program. You will learn how the program detects connection outages, how to configure the program, add hosts, start and stop monitoring, and how to check the connection statistics. Special chapters are dedicated to configuring notifications and reports. In the following chapters, you will also learn how to integrate the program with external tools and how to use other advanced features.

What's Inside