Getting Started

EMCO Ping Monitor is software that monitors multiple hosts simultaneously. The program sends ICMP echo requests to hosts on a regular basis and analyzes echo replies to detect the state and the connection quality of the monitored hosts. Ping results are saved by the program and are analyzed to calculate metrics used to evaluate the quality of the connection between the monitoring server and the monitored host.

Hosts monitoring

Ping Monitor is a tool that helps you to proactively identify problems in your network infrastructure and reduce downtime. Below you can find a list of typical scenarios of using Ping Monitor.

  • Host state monitoring. You can use the program to continuously monitor the state of hosts (i.e. to detect if they are up or down) using ICMP pings and be notified when a host state changes. The program provides you with information on the current state of every host and the entire monitoring system by displaying the quantity of hosts in different states.
  • Connection quality monitoring. In addition to monitoring the host states, the program can monitor the quality of the network connections using the metrics based on ICMP pings. When a host is up, its connection quality may vary; therefore, a continuous monitoring of the quality allows preventing potential problems. The program can send you notifications when the connection quality changes, so you can take required actions if needed.
  • Host performance analysis. The program saves monitoring statistics, so you can access it anytime to see how the host performance metrics changed over time. You can estimate the host performance for any historical time range and generate reports with detailed statistics.
  • Integration with other systems. It is possible to integrate the program with other systems. For example, the program can notify other systems when the host state or quality change. You can also export raw ping data to open them in other systems.

In the following chapters, you can learn how to use the program in the scenarios listed above and in other cases. Getting Started provides you with a general overview of the program features and practical advices on using the program. For detailed information, you can refer to other sections of the product documentation.

What's Inside